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Abiriga says term limits wants to be lifted
MP Abiriga

I Bought Seven Yellow Undies For My Wife-Abiriga Reveals

Media darling Arua Municipality MP Hon. Abiriga is a romantic lover. He recently opened up about his family life.

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According to the interview, Abiriga revealed that he lives a humble life of a Muslim with his wife playing the housewife role as he works to put bread on the table. Apparently, the wife, Amina Ibrahim lives with his children in Arua.

“Madam is in Arua.  She is called Amina Ibrahim. She is a housewife. In Islam, your wife is not allowed to do business.

She stays indoors for you [the husband] alone, not moving around for other people to see her. People will admire her for no good reason so, it is better she stays indoors. She is only for me and nobody else”, he proudly stated.

When asked about his passion for yellow colour and whether the wife has no issues with it,  Abiriga stated that he even bought the wife yellow underwear.

“Sometimes she wears yellow but other times it is not yellow. I bought her some yellow panties, seven of them. I don’t know whether she puts them on or not. You know I don’t be with her every day, because she is in Arua”, he stated.

Source: matooke republic

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