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Hamisa says zari's fans what to kill her mother

Zari’s Fans Want To Kill My Mother-Hamisa Says

The Zari-Diamond-Hamisa love triangle drama is not about to end. According to a recent confession, the rift between the two women.

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Zari and Hamisa has been escalated by their online fans to the extent of affecting unsuspected family members.

A well placed source told Risasi Newspaper, that derogatory comments against Mobetto’s  mum, Shuffa Latigunga posted by Zari’s “obsessed” fans is now affecting her health.

“The fallout between Hamisa and Zari has now reached a dangerous level. Zari’s social media followers known as TeamZari are increasing insulting Hamisa’s mum. It has got to a point where her blood pressure shoots up whenever she reads the comments”, the source told Risasa.

Hamisa also confessed that her mum’s condition has reached dangerous level. She asked Zari to rein in her followers before the rivalry turns fatal.

Source: matooke republic

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