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10 Signs That Shows He Is Not In True Love With You

Falling in love is something that you need to go into when you’re strong enough to face different challenges, remember the person you’ve fallen in love with has different behaviours and preferences.

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Some men pretend to fall in love with women they genuinely don’t love, some do it just to prove to their friends that they’re ‘’Sharp shooters’’ and that no woman can defeat them.

10 signs he’s not ready to share his true love with you.

(1). He’ll only introduce you as a friend to his relatives and friend

He will not be proud to say that you’re his wife or girl friend, meaning that he will be ashamed of you in front of his friends. This in most cases happens when he has another partner that is well-known to his friends or even family members.

(2). He’ll never hold hands with you in public

Most men do that to woman that they are not in love with. Whenever they are in public places such as  restaurant, bars on even at events like parties, you will move separately but when you’re not in public places he will even hold your waist to show he really loves you.

(3). He’ll not care much about your feelings

In most cases, he will not care if you are hurt or not for example if you find him with another partner holdings hands and waist,  he will even deny having met you incase you approach them as a way to blame, this comes in when you are really in love with him and some men boldly come back to apologise to you, he will even tell you he loves you most and if your blind in love you will fall for his game again.

(4). He’ll take advantage of you

In most cases a man who doesn’t love you will always take advantage of you even your body, he will only call you when he wants to quench his thirsty in terms of sex, only at that moment when he feels he wants sex from you but after that, he will take long to call you for any meeting between the two of you.

(5). He’ll not show you where he stays

This happens to most women, especially those who rush into  relationships, he will take you to his friend’s place, only to realize it later that it’s not his  place when things are not good between the two of you. He will do this  in order to avoid any inconveniences, like you visiting him regularly or incase he has someone  else at home.  Therefore, concerning this matter,  women are advised to be careful  in case of any problem, like unwanted pregnancies you know where to start from.

(6). He’ll not talk about your marriage plans

You may have stayed with him in courtship for quite a number of years, but he’ll never at any one time talk about it and if you bring up the topic, he will ignore or even switch to another conversations as away to avoid many questions. You have to know where you fall, otherwise you may end up wasting your precious years with the wrong person which you may realize later after  he’s gone or married to another person.

(7). He’ll never support you in serious matters

In most cases if a man loves you, he will support you in different ways, it might be financially or in form of advise.  Whatever hurts you, it hurts him the same way, but because there is no love for you, he will care less if you fall or become a failure, you will be like a shadow in his life.

(8). He’ll be insecure at times with you

This in most cases happens whereby he’ll not allow you to access his phone, you may not simply want to take pictures and request him to help you with his phone because it may be better than yours, he will refuse to give it to you, feeling insecure about it and he will keep changing passwords for you not to have access to any information recorded in his device.

(9). He’ll ignore your phone calls

He takes long to pick your calls because he may not want you at that time and most times will not even call you back or even text you back to show some concern and when you over complain, he will give you silly excuses or even say most times that he is busy, that is if he picks your calls.

(10). He’ll deny your pregnancy

Lastly,  incase you accidentally get pregnant , he will either deny your pregnancy or advice you to abort with immediate effect and if you insist and say NO, he will not support you during the stages of the pregnancy.

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