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10 Things Never to Pack When Going For Your Vacation

I’m just back from a two-week trip to Italy, where everyone in the family packed a wheeled carry-on and a back pack,[9] no big checked bags. It can be done,[7] but only if you know what to bring and what to leave behind.

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So I’ve updated my “do not pack” list so you can save space in your bag and maybe even a little money.

Here’s my “Do Not Pack List:

  1. Expensive stuff

Valuables are always a target for thieves and if they’re not easily and inexpensively replaceable, [5]you’ve got problems. Bags can be lost, stolen or rummaged through and so can purses in hotel rooms.[4] Plus you may run into inventive scammers and pickpockets. If you leave valuables at home, that’s one less thing to worry about. Still, if you must bring those diamond studs, wear them. If you must bring an electronic device ( beyond a phone ), [5]keep it on your person or firmly gripped in hand.

  1. Unidentified tablets and phones

Electronic devices are lost in airports every day. [8]The good news is, you can usually run back to the security checkpoint and get them. The bad news is,[2] if you don’t discover your iPad missing until you’re ready to binge-watch “Game of Thrones” on the plane, you have a problem, especially if you don’t know your device’s serial number. Many devices look alike, making recovery difficult.

Solution: Tape a business card (or piece of paper with last name and phone number) on the back of the device, [6]and jot down the device’s serial number and stick it in your wallet.[12] Or you and your traveling companions can take photos of each other’s devices and jot down serial numbers. Finally, don’t forget charger cords and adapters,[9] but pack the compact travel versions to save space.

  1. Unexpectedly banned liquids

You know not to bring bottles of water through security,[10] but it’s easy to forget about similar banned items. Do not pack a hostess gift of wine in a carry-on; it’s OK in a checked bag but pack it very carefully unless all your clothing is the color of a good burgundy.[3] Another no-no for carry-ons: homemade gloppy-type food gifts like jam or salsa. Finally, shampoo, conditioner and sunscreen in tubes larger than 3.4 ounces are another forbidden. Don’t worry, [6]the stores at your destination will have your brand.

  1. Razors with blades

Yes, you can pack an old-fashioned razor with removable blade but only in a checked bag.[2] In carry-ons, you can only pack disposable razors,[9] either the kind where you discard the cartridge head or throw the entire thing away. Electric razors are fine in either bag but these things can be space-hogs.

  1. Old-style entertainment

Some of us forget that phones are not only communication devices but flashlights,[10] radios, typewriters and books. Don’t bring an old-style hardcover (or even a fat paperback) because it will weigh you down and take up space. Airlines like American charge an extra $100 to $200 for overweight checked bags and too-big carry-ons are often taken from passengers for stowage in cargo.[3] Download your favorite reading material to read on your electronics.



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