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1,600 Detainees And Asylum Seekers Sent To Federal Prisons

About 1,600 custom enforcement and immigration detainees together with asylum seekers were being sent to federal prisons ahead of court hearings, according to L.A Times

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It’s confirmed that five federal prisons are to take in detainees, approximately 1000 of them were transferred to United States penitentiary in Victorville Los Angels California. Providing shelter for a prisoner for one year costs the State about $75,560, according to L.A Times.

When president Donald Trump came in power, illegal immigrants have been facing a serious crack down. Still there is an increase in illegal immigration across different U.S States.

The leaders of Prisons Employee’s Union ( PEU) in Texas, California and Washington told media that they did not have enough time for preparation for the huge intake of detainees. There’s a rapid increase of detainees and there’s need for additional detention space for both short and long term.

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