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7 Amazing Tips To Easily Help You Quit Alcohol

In the day to day life, one of  the challenges that people are facing is being addicted to drinking alcohol,  which may be harmful to their health. Others say,’’ drinking would not be bad, but over drinking in excess is what brings a challenge and different health risks in your precious life.

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Tips you can follow to avoid alcohol consumption

1). Group influence

This is one of the reasons as to why people are involved in taking alcohol. Most people are influenced by friends to take alcohol, while with friends, he or she is seen as non-civilised person, therefore,  in order to avoid being influenced, you should mind the kind of friends that you  select to hang out with, or even avoid hanging out in groups, make good friends who will encourage you with good intentions for example,  in terms of work and how to achieve your success instead of wasting money on alcohol.

2). Bad Environment

The kind of environment that one decides to live in also matters. There areas that can influence one into taking alcohol, for example the slums are full of small bars and full of drunkards,  some people call such places ‘’Self confused places ‘’therefore,  if one decides to hang out in such areas, the percentage of taking alcohol could possibly be high, this is because it’s cheap to buy alcohol in such areas compared to developed places. Therefore,  when selecting where to rent, or  stay, try to find a better place with civilised people whom you will look up to or admire. This lowers risks of becoming a drunkard.

3). Avoid going to night clubs and bars

Places that one goes for leisure time also matters, avoid hanging out in certain places like Bars and Night clubs, because it is in such places that alcohol is freely sold in plenty and it’s hard for one to go to such places and stay sober,  since its uniform to most people who go there. Instead of going to Bars and night clubs, I would advise one to stay at home and rest, or even listen to music while at home, if you get used to staying at home,  your mind will relax and you will wake up able to think wisely the next day,  than being on hung-over the next morning.

4). Involve yourself in sporting activities

Joining sporting activities like football, Rugby etc. can also help to stop alcohol consumption. I would advise someone to get involved in the above activities, and by doing so, it will refresh their mind and body from stress, instead of resorting to alcohol during stress time. At least  take part in playing football, Netball, Volleyball,etc  this is fun and body fitness.  You will get new friends to chat with, which is a stress reliever.  This is mostly advisable for the youth. These activities will give you a daily program to follow.

5). Watch movies

Another tip would be watching movies for example, if one is bored, i would advise them to go to the Cinema hall to watch a movie or even buy latest movies that are on market and watch from home with your family, this will help you kill the boredom, this will help you to relax and think of other things rather than resorting to the use of alcohol as a time killer.

6). Fire your drunkard friends

Instead of linking up with your friends in the Bar, it’s far better  you spend  time with family probably over the weekends, it would be a good idea. Incase your  friends call you to meet up for a drink, just tell them you are too busy with constructive things, keep dodging them until they give up on you.

7). Sit down and think wisely

5 years a go, there was a neighbour of ours who was addicted to smoking cigarettes at an incredible rate,  one day, he sat down and started thinking if he was really doing the right thing, this was after being criticised by his own family members for a long time, in the process of thinking, he started calculating how much he has so far wasted in smoking , only to realise that the money he had so far used on smoking would even build him a self-contained house, he had to quit smoking there and then. This implies to alcoholic people as well, you should also think and figure out how much you’ve so far spent on consuming  alcohol, and what you have benefited.

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