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Emmanel Katongole of Cipla quality chemical industries

8 Multi – Millionaires In Uganda You Need To Know

Very few Ugandans have managed to build Multi – million businesses in different areas like food, agriculture, real estate, energy, distribution etc. The names of these billionaires don’t sound so much and am sure many have not heard of them before. These Ugandans have very powerful businesses which generates more than $50 million per year, according to forbes.

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These are very wealthy Ugandans who have businesses that generate over $50 annually.

1). Abid Alam

Source: Steel, Sugar etc

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Abid Alam is the CEO and the shareholder of Alam Group. This company was started in 1965 by the current owner’s father Mr Manzur Alam, Mr Manzur started small and he begun with manufacturing windows and metal doors in Kampala. Right now Alam group owns steel rolling mills in Uganda, shoe manufacturing, Sugar milling company and many more.

2). Emmanuel Katongole

Source: Pharmaceuticals

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Emmanuel is a Ugandan multi – millionaire and Co-founded one of the largest pharmaceutical companies called Cipla Quality Chemical Industries which is currently valued at $60. Katongole founded Quality Chemicals in 1997, it imports veterinary and generic human medication.

3). Habib Kagimu

Source: Oil distribution

multi - millionaire

Kagimu is a Ugandan but of a Somali origin, he owns one of the leading petroleum distributor called Habib Oil. He also owns Habib Investments  that deals in Real estate development, Agriculture and Telecommunication. He’s a Ugandan multi -millionaire already.

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