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How Akello Became A Stolen Bride - Interesting Story

How Akello Became A Stolen Bride – Interesting Story

“He’s beating Akello again, after she will still go back to him. The last time i tried to intervene she hit me with a bottle and told me to stay away from their lives, I don’t even know what she sees in that guy that she wants to kill herself over him”

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Apedel was so bitter about the constant beatings his neighbor received and it was getting worse. What really irked him was the fact that Akello didn’t even make any effort to quit the relationship.

“Babe, are you not the one I’m talking to? I’m telling you about my neighbor that keeps beating his girlfriend and yet you have been busy pressing your phone and laughing at the same time ”

She continued pressing her phone and he snatched it from her.

“Are you not the one I’m talking to”

“Apedel, what’s your problem? I mean, what’s your problem? So a guy decides to beat a girl and the girl decides to stay, how does that concern me? There must be something she’s enjoying from the guy and that’s why she’s still hanging on to him. It could be money or good sex and so far I’m not getting any of those from you”

Her words made the intestines in Apedel’s stomach shrink and his mood changed immediately.

“So babe, if you are not getting money or good sex from me like you claim, what exactly are you doing in this relationship?”

She looked at him as if to say “Sorry for you” shook her and changed her sitting position.

“Apedel”she called him in a more subtle way. “To be honest with you, the only reason I’m with you is because you are a handsome guy and that’s all, I just use you to pose to my friends. If a rich man comes now and propose to me, I’m sorry honey, i will dump you like Zari dumped Diamondz.”

Her bluntness made him quiver with fear and surprise at the same time. He couldn’t believe this is the same girl he was planning to get married to and has even bought the engagement ring.

Still in his thoughts, she received a call, pecked him and left. Just immediately, the neighbor started hitting the girlfriend again and this time she ran into Apedel’s house. Surprised by this action he immediately locked the door and unsurprisingly, the guy didn’t run after her. Her mouth was drenched in blood and she was bleeding from her nose too. He did his best to stop the bleeding and gave her some drugs.

“But Akello, what are you still doing with this guy? Do you want to die first before you realize what you are doing to yourself “.

She cried all the more and and wiped her nose with his bedsheet, much to his disgust but he just had to let her be.

“Apedel, Apedel?”

The way she called his name made him uncomfortable.

“Well, I will tell you why I’m still in the relationship. It’s not like he gives me anything, i have just been too single for long. Apedel, i washed your clothes on a weekly basis, i cooked for you, I entered your face just for you to notice me but you kept Calling me ‘sis’. I felt like killing you each time you called me that but i just had to smile. That was when i knew i wasn’t good enough for you. When Okalang moved in, it didn’t take him two weeks to ask me out and i foolishly fell for him. The other reason i can’t leave is because he has  nude pictures of me which he threatened to post on social media if i attempt to leave. ”

She paused for a while and by this time, Apedel was almost crying too.

“Apedel i loved you, like i honestly did, i didn’t want to appear cheap by telling you about this”

As she was still talking, Okalang came banging on the door and ordering her to come out.

Apedel opened the door and asked him in a quiet voice to walk in and carry her out. He was so stunned by his simplicity and couldn’t move, infact he was surprised that Apedel didn’t put up a fight.

“Look Okalang, no woman should be subjected to this kind of torture. How would you feel if i was the one hitting your sister on a daily basis like this? Won’t you come here to rip my head off?  She’s told me everything and i mean everything, so bro, you are going to delete all those pictures which you guys obviously took out of love because I’m not gonna blame her, you are going to stop hitting her because as from today she’s no longer your girlfriend ”

Akello was surprised by his last statement but couldn’t say anything, even Okalang was speechless too.

“Look Okalang, out of my stupidity i have ignored the woman that truly loves me for a girl that doesn’t understand or has no clue what a relationship is all about. She’s based it on sex and money. Yes, these factors are truly important but there are Men who have wives who give them good sex  and they still go outside to patronize prostitutes. There are women who are on the receiving end of fat paychecks but they still keep sugar boys just to satisfy their sexual urges.

I have been in love with Akello but never had the courage to tell her, i didn’t want to take her kindness for granted and misinterpret it so it was just a clear case of miscommunication which is one of the reasons for many failed relationships. ”

Apedel was surprised when Okalang  broke into tears and hugged him.

“Thank you for all you have said and i wholeheartedly hand her over to you. My friends said it was okay to beat a woman so she would be submissive to you. I never had her nudes as i deleted it almost immediately, i just used it to threaten her. I am leaving for Kampala to stay with my brother, i wish you all the best” an emotional Okalang said as he walked away.

“Akello, never in your life settle for less because you couldn’t get what you want at that moment when you needed it.. What if you had died? Who would have noticed you in the grave? ”

“Thanks for the motivational speech, but Apedel, I thought you had a girlfriend “? Akello asked.

“Had, that’s the word, now please come and cook for us. My ex wants a rich man and she can’t even cook emagira, the other day i caught her trying to put salt and onions in the eggs she was boiling ”

They laughed and almost cried.. He looked at her as she walked majestically into the kitchen, the ring wasn’t a waste, he’s going to propose in a week, he said to himself!!

Until the purpose of a thing is known, abuse is inevitable.

Never settle for less if you want more.. I’m not saying you should be greedy, but don’t be mediocre.

learn to communicate your feelings even if you cry in the process, only then can you truly lay claim on a particular thing.

By Eninu William Tel: 0783-642052.

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