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Posted by LUKWAGO. J: He's a writer, editor, blogger, affiliate and a web developer, he loves thinking creatively and finding new ways to implement different programming ideas.

6 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In The World

pitbull dog breeds

There are many factors that play a role when assigning danger level to dog breeds but most critics and researchers disagree as to what these factors are.[3] Consequently, it’s unfair to callously label a dog as dangerous.[1] Check also: 13 Amazing Facts About A Giraffe Nevertheless, it can’t be helped that some dog breeds have more potential to cause serious ...

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Bedbugs Apparently Are Most Attracted To These Colors

bedbugs and colours

New research shows that bedbugs prefer to take shelter in black and red materials,[1] while they are generally repulsed by colors such as green, yellow and white. A study published April 25 in the Journal of Medical Entomology found that bedbug’s color preferences develop as the insects age.[5] Check also: BedBugs And 6 Facts You Dont Know The young ones don’t have very ...

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Equatorial Guinea:The Longest-Serving President In The World Just Won A Sixth Term

Equatorial Guinea president

Teodoro Obiang Nguema has never received less than 97 percent of the vote in an election. On Monday, with partial results indicating that 99.2 percent of the vote has gone in his favor, Equatorial Guinea’s leader was surely all set for another seven years in a seat that has no doubt molded to his figure.[2] Check also: President Yoweri Museveni Declared Winner Of Ugandan Elections One-sixth of African ...

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