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10 ways to ensure a permanent relationship (make it last longer)

love you more in relationship

Everyone gets into a relationship at some given point in time. We all wish to marry the people we fall in love with. But out of 10 percent, 2 percent get to marry at their first or second try at love. The other 8 percent  get to fall in and out of love hopelessly for an extended period of time. ...

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What Happened When Dad Abandoned Us – This Is How It Affected Us

a girl in her period, dad

My name is Rachel, I stay in Naguru. We were born a family of three sisters , one from another father but same mother,  and another from the same father and mother.  My elder sister is known as Agnes and my follower is Michelle. My dad and mother separated when i was nine years old and my follower was three ...

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I Got Married To A Robber – This Is How I Foundout

married woman

My name is Rebecca and am a citizen of Uganda (East  Africa), I am now 43 yrs of age, with a son of 20. In 1993, I met peter, I fell in love with him, we were courting for quite some good time, before we got married. Peter loved me and showered me with all kinds of gifts and presents ...

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I Killed My Husband Because Of My Friend – This Is What Happened!


My name is Mary and am writing this story while in prison, i have never been in prison before, but because i killed my husband, this is why am here to serve my sentence. I was born in Rukungiri district, western part of Uganda and that’s where i have lived since my early age. Check also: 5 Reasons You SHOULD  Marry ...

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How He Infected Me With HIV / AIDS And Spoilt My Future Plans

my future

My name is Sarah and as am speaking now, my time is short. I started coming to my senses in primary three and could now differentiate between some things, whether good or bad. I was loved so much by my parents because I was their favourite daughter, I was bright, and at the same time very beautiful at that tender ...

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