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Sylvie is an associate author at Newslex Point Ltd, she loves writing about Lifestyle, Parenting, Motherhood and Relationships.

My Father Died Of Blood Cancer, It Was A Painful Moment!

sylvia and father

Am by the names of Patricia, a graduate of Makerere University in Uganda. I was born in a family of 4 children, three boys and I was the only girl. For a very long time my parents were not in good terms and therefore ended up separating when we were still very young. My mother left and took my young ...

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How My Step Mother Became A Ladder To My Success

step mother

Step mothers are in most cases regarded as enviable parents, they are normally expected to take up a great deal of parental responsibilities with minimal appreciation, according to an article written by Elizabeth Grace of Bring a step parent. Check also: Older Women May Make Better Mothers, According To Research My name is Juliet, I grew up in the family of ...

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Is It Really A Crime To Live A Single Life?

Single life

Despite what people say, being single is not a crime of course. Believe me, living single can also be the best life. The way family and friends can black mail you into marriage. One might think that when you finally tie the knot, heaven will bow for you. Lynn Silva of Life Hack wrote and said,”single life simply refers to ...

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