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How You Should Behave When You Go Abroad For Work

Working abroad is kinda good to some people while it’s not good at all to the majority. The situations you go through in your home country can easily force you to travel abroad seeking for greener pastures. But as the saying goes, ‘’East or West, home is always the best’’, this is true and am sure many have witnessed that.

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Migration is a common game here in Africa because job search is on increase and it has become a job of itself, for instance when I finished school many years ago, I tried looking for a job for over six month together with one of my friends, and later we got tired and we decided to back off for a while. After staying home for a while, I was called somewhere to work, it’s one of the places where I had submitted my application, I was very excited because this was my first job after school.

It’s always good to have something to do, it’s never good to stay without a job. People who have no jobs get tempted in so many ways in order to earn a living. Someone might find a job, but of a very low pay, that’s why someone will think of travelling abroad for work to be able to earn better salary.

Once you’re granted an opportunity to go and work abroad, before you show your characters to the Natives, first study their character and behaviors, once you get to know their behavior, try as much as possible to adjust yours too, and by doing this, it will help you be compatible with them and they will finally like you. Once they realize that you’re a nice person, consider yourself lucky and just know that your wages and salary will surprisingly increase.

working abroad

Behave as if you’ve been there before, don’t behave as if it’s your first time to be there, come-on guys, be sharp. Africans are well-known for sneaking and involving themselves in matters out of their concern, most whites know that very well. I have a friend of mine who visited Netherlands a few years ago, at the hotel room where he was staying, there was another foreigner next to his room, this guy had a habit of sneaking into his neighbor’s room, one day, he was caught red-handed and he was so ashamed.

These days we have recruitment companies in some parts of Africa that take people to work abroad especially Middle-East in countries like Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman etc. These companies normally advertise different jobs abroad and people who are always needed are the Security guards, Maids, Cleaners, Drivers etc. It’s true these people are taken and everything is provided free of charge while in foreign county until the contract ends which is always a 2 years.

Change your character while abroad!

The funny part with some of the people who are being taken especially the maids is that, they tend to forget that they have gone specifically to work, not for showbiz. Some girls will start dressing up in an irresponsible manner and the intention is to attract the man in that family where she’s taken to work as a maid, and once the woman realizes that the maid is trying to seduce her husband, she will start mistreating her and she will impose tough restrictions on her. Some maids are told to go to their rooms immediately as soon as their male Arab bosses come back home, the chances of meeting your male Arab bosses will be very limited.

Recently, an Arab boss in Jordan arrested her maid for stealing his money, the maid whose names were disclosed was taken to Jordan to work, and as time went on, she started revealing her true character, she starting stealing her boss’s money in bits, she could steal 100 Diram every after a few days and by the time her boss realized, she had collected over 2000 Diram which is equivalent to approximately US $544. At last she was arrested and taken to the police station.  If you know you’re working in someone’s home, always avoid such habits, it’s a very big shame to both you and the company that recruited you.

Lastly, If you successfully complete your 2 year contract, you have the right to return back to your home country and do other things, or you can probably renew it and continue working, in most cases, those accepted to renew must have kept a good record right from the beginning , these are the people who manage to comply with the rules and regulations. Others are too lucky in that during their 2 years in service, they manage to create connections in other countries so that if the contract is complete, it gets easier for them to move to better Nations where they think life could be better in terms of salary and the standard of living.

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