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2 Exercises To Help You Lose Your Belly Fat

2 exercises to lose belly fat

Belly fattening is a dislike to many people irrespective of the gender and many facts are behind as to why you having a fat stomach. Check also: 6 Foods To Avoid If You Really Want A Flat Stomach Having a fat belly is no sin but due to the fashion trends within the society having a big belly is considered ...

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Why You Should Never Wash Raw Chicken Before Cooking It

raw chicken

Everybody knows that raw chicken is loaded with harmful bacteria like salmonella and listeria. It seems totally logical, then, that the first thing you’d do before preparing the chicken is give it a wash. Check also: This Popular Cosmetic Product Causes Cancer And Breast Growth In Men Why, then, are health experts imploring us to stop doing just that? The answer might surprise ...

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10 Foods That Cleanse And Cares For Your Liver

onion cleans liver

Shaped like a boomerang and coming in at a mere three pounds, your liver works hard for you everyday, possibly more than you could imagine. It’s the second largest organ in your body and yet, probably not one you give much thought to until something goes wrong. Your liver keeps things going, and is often referred to as the gatekeeper of your ...

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This Popular Cosmetic Product Causes Cancer And Breast Growth In Men

cosmetic product

Buying commercial cosmetic product (s) can be a bit like gambling. Some products work. Others don’t. Some are bad for you. Some are really bad for you. Check also: Some Of These Popular Shampoo Brands Contain Illegal Cancer Causing Chemicals But fear not, my friends; the Newslex Point team is on your side! We’ve written several articles about the dangers of specific cosmetic products and ...

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