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Twins In Vietnam Have Different Fathers!


A pair of Vietnamese fraternal twins have been confirmed to have different fathers, a local genetic association has told the BBC. The twins had their DNA tested after their family noticed they looked different, said local reports Check also: The ghost of Micheal Jackson impregnated me, a white woman claims The occurrence, known as heteropaternal superfecundation, is rare with few ...

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Bobbi Kristina’s Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed


Bobbi Kristina Brown died from a mix of drugs, alcohol, and drowning conditions that caused pneumonia leading to her death, according to a medical examiner’s statement released on Friday. The report comes one day after a superior court judge in Atlanta granted a media request to unseal her autopsy report. Check also: The life of baby Kristina Brown and her ...

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5 Symptoms Of Diabetes You Should Not Ignore


Diabetes is often called the silent killer because of its easy to miss symptoms. Of the estimated 24 million people in the U.S. with the disease (including several notable athletes), only 18 million are aware that they have it, leaving six million Americans who have no idea that they are living with diabetes. People with diabetes are not able to ...

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BedBugs And 6Facts You Don’t Know


Fact #1: Bedbugs can live anywhere. When most people think of bedbugs, they think of hotels. But the truth is, bed bug can thrive in single-family homes, apartments, hospitals, college dorm rooms, office buildings, schools, buses, trains, movie theaters, retail stores and just about anywhere that humans are. In fact, according to the “bugs without study”, 89 percent of pest professionals ...

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