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South Korea still struggling to fight MERS out break

south korea out break

South Korea -Today, 4 new cases have been reported making it 126 people infected by the MERS disease and the 11th person has died in less than 7 hours today even though several patients are released after recovering from the disease. Check also: The struggle continues in fighting of MERS in south Korea 3680 people only have remained in the ...

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South Korea Still Under Pressure Over MERS Virus

MERS virus

The south Korea is under pressure due to the MERS virus after it has killed the 9th person today and 108 people are confirmed that they are infected by the MERS virus which has created more panic among the people of south Korea. Check also: South Korea still struggling to fight MERS out break Over 2000  are closed up within ...

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South Korea MERS virus outbreak kills the 6th person

MERS outbreak

An 80 year old has become the sixth fatality of the MERS outbreak in South Korea that first appeared in middle east in 2012. Check also:  South Korea still under pressure over MERS virus The MERS ( Middle East Respiratory Syndrome )  disease out break in South Korea started earlier last week and caused much panic with in the country ...

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4 Major Causes Of Cancer

causes of cancer

Cancer is a complex group of diseases with many possible causes.[7]Today this deadly disease is very demotic all over the world and its rapidly spreading through the people in the world. There are several types of cancer which may include; skin cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer and the list continues.[1] Check also: Marijuana kills cancer cells 1]- Life style factors ...

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