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25 Things Women Say That Men Misunderstand

women are hard relationship

Perhaps you’ve tried learning German, French or Spanish, but those languages are nothing compared to Woman. Most scholars agree that the only thing more impossible than understanding the language of women is dividing by 0.[1] You have no hope. Don’t even try. Whatever![1] Check also: 11 Silly Things ALL Married Couples Fights Over You probably thought that all of that means ...

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9 Things Every Man Should Know About Dating An Independent Woman

independent woman

Independent Woman are always strong women,  they already have emotional burgages within them, they are tired of men who are liers, some think all men are the same.[1]   May we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them. [4] . Check also: 9 Questions People Ask When You Start Dating Someone 1. Don’t judge her by ...

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What I Replied When My Daughter Asked Why Daddy Left

why daddy left

I feel my heart breaking as I look into her big brown eyes, tears brimming to the edges but not yet spilling over, eyes wide with the hope that maybe, just maybe this time, my answer will be different, she really misses her Daddy.[2] Check also: Mother and Son Are Madly in Love, They Dont Care Who Knows It “I ...

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Movies That Are Trendy To watch in May


Watching movies is one of the most influential hobbies that hundreds globally hang out with but all of them differ from the categories of movies that they prefer to watch than the other.[2] Check also: Must watch: the 10 incoming june moviez this year 2015 for example,[4] some may adore to watch adventure fantasy while others may prefer to watch ...

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9 Questions People Ask When You Start Dating Someone

dating someone

Like we don’t already have enough drama in our lives to deal with,[4]   that people poke us even more with their random questions the minute they discover we have a new love interest in life or dating someone new! To all these annoying questions, here’s what we wish we could say in answer.[2] Check also: 11 Adorable Things Guys ...

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