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The Moment This Woman Thought All Hope Was Gone

woman has hope

At a cooperate get together, in a room filled with men and women who were top-level business executives, consultants, senior managers, lawyers, and bankers. This woman knew her hope was really gone. There he first met her. This woman. Beautiful and Classy. A hi. A hello. Gentle cradling of her hand for a shake. Introductions. She spoke well. Great diction. ...

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What My Client Did After Organizing Her Son’s 4th Birthday And None Of Invited Guests Appeared

A Client Organized Her Son’s 4th Birthday, But None Of Her Invited Guests Appeared

This client identified as Rachel comes to me, she was planning her son’s 4th birthday. She hired the biggest bouncy castle and actually paid for every activity on our kids entertainment list. I was happy because she paid her money in full. Come D’day and I wake up early set up the venue, do the decor, put up the bouncy ...

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Esther Ruined My Life And Left Me Unproductively Dead – Touching Story

esther ruined my life

Over the counter of a down town tavern we sat. Brown liquor wobbled tune of miseries in the see through goblet as we muse over his pains. “It was Esther! She ruined my life and left me barren carcass.” he said as emotions reddened veins in my eyes. I met him earlier that day tattered, famished and unshaven at a ...

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How My Own Uncle Sexually Abused My 2-Year-Old Daughter

Kenyan woman stranded, sexually abused

When our kids are young, we assume that they are too adorable to be sexually abused. We assume that who can hurt this adorable little innocent child? I tell you that it is that adorable stage of a child (8 months to 7 years) that a parent needs to be keen to any signs of abuse. This is the age ...

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Single Father And His Daughter – Interesting Story!

single father and daughter

After Michelle passed on, I quit social life to take care of our little girl. She was three at the time, a pretty little bundle of joy with sandy eyes and a smile like her mother’s. I was afraid. I didn’t know what to do, and knew nothing about the first thing on how to raise a daughter. But I ...

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