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How To Get Paid For The Photos On Your Smartphone

photos on smartphone

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And now those photos on your smartphone of your children, your pets, your vacation or yourself can be worth cash, too.[9] Check also: Google now offers free unlimited storage for pictures and videos Mike Gutkin is being paid for his photos. [6]The full-time research scientist earns extra money on the ...

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Israel Made An Incredible New Car That Runs On Metal, Air & Water

israel new car

An Israel company Phinergy has developed a technology that could revolutionize the use of energy. Among other applications, it would power a car, using just metal, air and water.[2] Check also: Meet A Zimbabwean Who Designed An Helicoptor, Drone, Electric car And Power Generator Much of the Western world has long been dreaming of the development of an electric car that would ...

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8 New Communication Tools Ready To Replace Your E-mail


A report from International Data Corporation and McKinsey Global Institute suggests that employees spend 28% of their work time reading and answering emails that lowers down their productivity to around 25%. [4] E-mail has become a central communication tool for every organization and replacing it is hard, but not impossible.[9] Check also: Over 272 Million Email Accounts Stolen From Yahoo, Gmail ...

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Google to Give Training to 1 Million Africans to Boost Jobs

google training

Google Inc. is scaling up its digital skills training programs to accommodate a million Africans in the next year,[1]   aiming to deal with high unemployment numbers on the continent.[4] Check also: Facebook Zuckerberg wants to help Cure All Diseases The U.S. tech giant is planing to give training to 300,000 people in South Africa, it said in a statement Tuesday,[4] ...

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