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8 New Communication Tools Ready To Replace Your E-mail


A report from International Data Corporation and McKinsey Global Institute suggests that employees spend 28% of their work time reading and answering emails that lowers down their productivity to around 25%. [4] E-mail has become a central communication tool for every organization and replacing it is hard, but not impossible.[9] Check also: Over 272 Million Email Accounts Stolen From Yahoo, Gmail ...

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Google to Give Training to 1 Million Africans to Boost Jobs

google training

Google Inc. is scaling up its digital skills training programs to accommodate a million Africans in the next year,[1]   aiming to deal with high unemployment numbers on the continent.[4] Check also: Facebook Zuckerberg wants to help Cure All Diseases The U.S. tech giant is planing to give training to 300,000 people in South Africa, it said in a statement Tuesday,[4] ...

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India’s Bullet Train To Travel Under The Sea

india's bullet train

NEW DELHI – Passengers will get the thrill of riding under the sea while traveling between Mumbai and Ahmedabad in the first bullet train of the country.[8] Check also: Google To Provide Free Wi-Fi In 400 Train Stations Across India The 508km long Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor will have a 21km long tunnel under the sea,[5] said a senior ...

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Meet Elon Musk, The Founder Of Tesla Motors

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is worth $13.1 billion as of September 2015,[1] but allegedly doesn’t believe in the word “business.” The tech entrepreneur, born in South Africa in 1971, reportedly told Wait But why earlier this year that “there’s no such thing as a business, just pursuit of a goal.”[1] Check also: Meet The 30-Year-Old Prince Who Is Changing The World Whatever ...

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HTC 10 Is The World’s Most Powerful Smartphone

HTC 10

I reviewed the HTC 10 this morning and when I did, I noted that it is one of the most surprising phones the world has ever seen. Sure we knew all about the phone’s design and specs leading up to the announcement, but leaks never seem to be able to paint a complete picture. Check also: HTC to reveal its ...

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