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Why Google decided to Open A YouTube Production Studio In Mumbai, India


Google announced yesterday that it has decided to open a YouTube production studio in India and it will be located in Mumbai, am sure that the aspiring YouTube stars in India will be happy about this. Check also: Google now offers free unlimited storage for photos and videos The company said this video platform production facility will be the first ...

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Over 45 people dead and 400 injured at the Tianjin city explosion in China

explosion in China

The huge blast happened towards mid night at 11:30pm and up now the city of Tianjin is still covered with the cloud of smoke, however the sound of the explosion was heard and felt within about 10 kilometer radius. Check also: Huge explosion rocks Chinas northern city of tianjin Over 45 people are reportedly dead and 400 people injured and ...

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Huge explosion rocks China’s northern city of Tianjina


Chinese state run media reported that a huge explosion rocked Chinese city of Tianjin and that was at around 11:30pm local time, seven people dead and over 400 people injured including four fire fighters with two other fire fighters reportedly missing. Check also: Mourning over the gas station explosion in Accra Tianjin residents still in shock! Reports say that the ...

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The Life Of Baby Kristina Brown And Her Parents In Pictures


After the death of Whitney Houston way back in 2012, the health situation of her daughter Kristina Brown begun changing, Kristina passed away on 26th July at the age of 22 after spending over five months in hospital and failed to recover, her death was almost similar to that of her mum. Check also: Bobbi Kristina Brown finally dies at ...

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You will not impose same sex marriage in Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta tells Barack Obama

same sex mariage

We need to be straight-forward about this same sex marriage issue” says Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta in response to the American president Barack Obama’s statement which says that Kenya must comply with the same values as the United States concerning gay rights issues. Check also: The arrival of Barack Obama in pictures While at the press conference, Kenyatta immediately turned ...

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