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Google reportedly offered $30 billion to buy Snapchat

Google reportedly to buy snapchat

Nerdy Google has failed at social time and time again, so it considered buying teen sensation Snapchat. The search giant held informal talks with Snap and floated an offer of $30 billion in 2016 before Snap’s last funding round, and just before its IPO this year, according to Business Insider’s Alex Heath. Check also: Google to Give Training to 1 Million Africans ...

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How To Get A Job In China’s Booming Tech Sector

china us trade war

China’s tech companies are among the country’s most attractive employers, with graduates often naming Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei and Tencent as their top choices. Check also: Apple Is Secretly Fighting To Keep You From Repairing Your Phone “The appeal: Good payment, great upward mobility,” says Michael Li, partner of Rupro, a Shanghai-based tech recruitment firm. “Local companies have been growing very fast ...

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Microsoft To Kill Its Legendary Paint Program After 32 Years

microsoft paint

Microsoft is finally killing off its legendary Paint program after more than three decades. The software giant announced it will drop support for the popular drawing app in its upcoming Windows 10 update. Check also: Google to Give Training to 1 Million Africans to Boost Jobs It marked Paint as “deprecated” in a list of apps and features that may be removed from the software, ...

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How Facebook Managed To Reach 2 Billion Monthly Active Users

facebook users

“We’re getting to a size where it’s worth really taking a careful look at what are all the things that we can do to make social media the most positive force for good possible,” Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox told media about the company’s new milestone. Check also: WhatsApp Has Reached A Tech Milestone Of 1 Billion Users Thirteen years after ...

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Top 10 Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds

internet speeds

India ranked 89 globally in broadband Internet speeds with an average connection speed (IPv4) of 6.5 Mbps, according to the State of the Internet Q1 2017 Connectivity report by Akamai Technologies, which is below the global average connection speed at 7.2 Mbps. Whereas South Korea topped the charts with average speeds of 28.6Mbps. Check also: Why North Korea Is One Of ...

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