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Apass says AM the CEO of Uganda Music

Am the CEO Of The Uganda Music Industry -Apass Says

While appearing on an Interview at NTV the Beat  Apass claims he’s the Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Music Industry

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“This is Evident in my lyrics, composition and in my song writings.” Apass said while crowning himself as the CEO of Music In Uganda

Apass continued and said that he’s the only true Legend of Music In Uganda. “Not that Bebe Cool, Chameleone, Bobi are not Legends, But am the man.” He continued.

He Said: “I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I swear it upon my parents that gave birth to me so when I say something I mean It.”

The mariana hitmaker has been in the Uganda Music Industry for Only four years and has wonderful hits like Tuli kubigere, Gamulu Ft Koshens and the list is endless.

Even Though he has been so far silent this year in terms of releasing music audios  and video’s, Apass said that he has given himself a break  re-arranging on how he’s going to change the Uganda Music Industry.

How are you going to change the Uganda Music Industry? Apass was asked

He replied look Tuli Kubigere is the only dancehall song in Uganda that has had longevity this shows how much am unique and great when it comes to music. This only can show you how have already changed the Uganda music industry

On the clash between him and bebecool he Apologized to Bebe Cool after a Bitter Clash.

Back to the punch line Apass says that the companies of Uganda are Ludacris

He said that these companies are interested in bringing international artists and leave out the homeland artist which hurts him

“It’s not bad to bring the international artists in uganda but the art form of the Ugandan artists is not fully respected as it should be.” Apass Said

Am speaking like an artist and on behalf of the other artists. The Artists of Uganda should be respected because of their art work

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