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6 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In The World

There are many factors that play a role when assigning danger level to dog breeds but most critics and researchers disagree as to what these factors are.[3] Consequently, it’s unfair to callously label a dog as dangerous.[1]

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Nevertheless, it can’t be helped that some dog breeds have more potential to cause serious harm to a person if the dog were to decide to attack. Therefore, our 6 most dangerous dog breeds focuses on the potential of a dog to cause serious injury to a victim.[2]

It is important to note however that most dogs are bred with the desire to please their masters.[6] Therefore most incidents involving dogs stem from improper training and harsh ownership.

These are the 6 most dangerous dog breeds!

1). Caucasian Ovcharka

Caucasian Ovcharka dog

The Caucasian Ovcharka also known as the Caucasian Shepherd, was bred to protect livestock. The typical Caucasian Ovcharka is assertive, strong-willed and courageous.[8] However, unless properly socialized and trained, the Caucasian Shepherd may exhibit ferocious and unmanageable tendencies since it does not accept people it does not know and has a powerful urge to defend.

2). Pitbull

pitbull dog

The term ‘pit bull’ encompasses certain breeds of dog from the American Pit Bull Terrier,[7] the Staffordshire bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier,[9] and the American Bulldog. Originally bred for baiting bulls and bears the majority of their breeds were also used for dog fighting in numerous parts of the world and is considered as the most dangerous dog in America.

3). German Shepherd

German Shepherd dog

A breed of dogs that originated from Germany, the German Shepherd can weigh as much as 70 to 100 lbs.[2] Known for being intelligent, confident, alert, vigilant, and fearless; the police use them for their K-9 units. However, caution must be exercised with Shepherds as they can become overprotective of their family and territory, and if not socialized correctly; can lead to attacks.[1]

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