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Diamond Platinum and Zari

Diamond Platnumz: I Nearly Divorced Zari

Last month there were reports that Diamond Platinumz was considering to dump his 38-year old lover, Zari Hassan for fresh BEANS.

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Immediately after the news broke, details began leaking out – from various news sources.

Blogs began analysing the information leaked – and many believed that Diamond was unhappy with how Zari was getting worryingly close to many rich guys around East Africa and actually sharing with them her COOKIE. However, what triggered the whole DIVORCE NEWS was the photo that had been shared online which showed Zari Hassan and her brother-in-law chilling at a swimming pool

In the photo, it seemed like the guy was groping Zari Hassan and inadvertently spurred rumours that Zari was cheating on her husband

Now, the latest we have is Mombasa County Governor Hassan Joho and Peter of P-Square are the people that saved the whole DIVORCE SITUATION.

While appearing on Tanzania’s popular radio station Clouds FM for an interview, Diamond agreed that he received calls from many including and Mombasa Governor Joho and Peter of P-Square who spoke him out of it.

Diamond explained the genesis of the drama that he started on social media with him sharing a picture with what seemed like Zari’s pair of buttocks was being fondled by another man in a pool.

He mentioned that Zari explained the situation but he thought she was just giving excuses and covering up when he even had evidence. During the interview, he revealed, “I felt guilty for not trusting her truth that is why I later took the photo down then went quietly about the issue.”

When Zari shot back at him, she hinted that he could be the one making up situations to cover up his philandering ways.

Meanwhile, word on the Tanzanian street is that Socialite Hamisa Mobeto, who was the starring lady in Salome, could be pregnant with Diamonds child.

However, Diamond has denied the allegations saying even after the video, he had to cut communication with Hamisa to reduce the intensity of the rumours.

Source: Howwe.Biz

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