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Why Germany Wants To Deport  Over 25,000 Nigerian Asylum Seekers

The government of Germany wants to deport more than 25,000 Nigerians seeking asylum in the republic of Germany, according to Hon Abike Erewa Dabiri who is the senior Special Assistant to the Nigerian president.

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The Germany government says it has over 25,000 Nigerians seeking asylum and they are not sure whether they will get it, therefore, the chances of returning them back to Nigeria is over 90 percent.

Hon. Abike continued and said that the reasons for asylum were not authentic like some other Nigerians from the West and East running away from the tyrant Islamists known Boko Haram. Other Nigerians are practicing homosexuality and they keep saying they have challenges to express themselves in Nigeria.

The Senior Special Assistant to president Muhammadu Buhari said the exact date for the deportation of these Nigerian asylum seekers has not yet been set.

The Germany government will be implementing an easier process of migration for the Nigerians and it will also be offering more scholarships. The SSA to the president appealed to the young Nigerians to be vigilant for these opportunities and make good use of them.

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