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Laws by Which You Choose a Partner

Throughout life, you screen out people who will be part of your limited social circle. You choose friends diligently and give even more attention to choosing a life partner. It turns out that everything is not so simple. The successful development of relations is influenced not only by beauty, mutual understanding in the relationship and easygoing nature. So, what makes us choose one person instead of the other? How to choose a good partner? Here is the tips from yes dates

How people choose a partner.

There is a theory that when choosing a partner, a woman is guided by the resources that a man can bring, and the man pays much attention to her beauty and aesthetics. Based on the evolutionary theory, it can be said that men manifest their most ancient instincts in this way, which require finding the best female for reproduction. Talking about women, their approach is justified by the fact that the male should be able to feed the family and protect the offspring.

For example, the criteria for choosing a partner are completely different in the areas where equal relations are much more developed. Attention is paid to social status, reliability, respect for each other’s values and so on. Nonetheless, there is a problem of substitution of social roles and lack of authority.

Another theory tells that the choice of a partner is determined by your DNA. According to this theory, modern people share the views and preferences of their ancestors, and the former generations followed one “call.” So if you like curvy girls, then do not worry because everything was decided for you a couple of centuries ago. You can stop asking yourself, “How can I choose my life partner?” You know the answer, just look within.

How to choose a life partner: laws that help you choose.

The law of the time.

This postulate says that you need time to fall in love with a person. The more time you spend time together, the stronger your feelings are.

The law of physical attraction.

The law states that even after spending a lot of time with a person whom you do not like, feelings are unlikely to arise. Therefore, such components as beauty, behavior, and compliance with aesthetic representations will be indispensable indicators. After all, no one wants to be with a person who does not physically attract them.

The law of personality.

Studies have shown that each of us has certain ideas about the personality of the person with whom they would like to build relationships. However, there are such requirements that are peculiar to all people. People seek spiritual warmth and intelligence that meets their requirements. Without these things, even the most wonderful face may become a bit of a bore in time.

The law of distance.

Many people had a sad experience of a long-distance relationship, and only a few did not learn from it. The law of distance says that successful relationships can be built only with the person with whom you spend a lot of time together. If your girlfriend decides to go abroad for a year to receive the European education, it’s worth considering whether your nerves will stand such a test?

The law of similarity.

It is another proof that opposites are unlikely to be together. According to the research, people look for partners who will be like them, it applies to hobbies, views on life, musical preferences, etc. If you have to choose someone among several people, then you will subconsciously choose the one who shares your views and values.

So, you should never agree to compromise in choosing the person with whom you will spend most of your life, after all, do not forget that falling in love with her dimples, you fall in love with a woman.

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