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How to Lose Stomach Body Fat in 7 Easy Steps

Being overweight for many people and is viewed by many as a health concern. While obesity is associated with a notable amount of health risks, being overweight doesn’t necessarily mean your health is deteriorating. Contrarily, a large number of people who consider themselves in the healthy body weight range have health issues normally related to being overweight, like high blood pressure and diabetes.

The subcutaneous fat which is the fat under the skin isn’t something you need to worry about. From research concluded, upper body fat is the most harmful and is found on the abdomen area. That’s the irritating belly or stomach fat.

A recommendation from experts to people with excess belly weight is to devise a plan to get rid of it. In terms of numbers, a waistline of 40 plus inches in men and 35 plus inches women is a cause for alarm.

Nonetheless, embarking on losing body fat is hard for the majority. Focusing on exact areas of body fat is more daunting.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best ways to lose stomach body fat, and examine each method’s scientific backing. Keep reading to find out already tried and assessed ways to shake off that belly fat.

Cut down on sugar intake

The health risks of taking lots of sugar can be backed by research. Too much sugar intake can cause the body’s biochemical process to be interrupted – a condition called metabolic dysfunction. High sugar levels are linked to weight gain and obesity.

Cutting down on the amount of sugar you take, and precisely refraining from soft drinks helps in the reduction of elements converted into stomach fat. Properly read the labels on foods and drink to get the amount of sugar they contain – you’ll be shocked by some foods sugar content.

If you have a sweet tooth, your substitute is whole fruit. Fiber and water contained in the fruit reduces the digestion process so there’s no upsurge in sugar levels leading to health problems.

Increase Protein Intake

Protein is the key food group in your diet. It supplies the building blocks (amino acids) for the repair and renewal of cells, healing wounds and production of chemicals and hormones needed for the body’s functionality.

Consumption of protein reduces desire for other foods, meaning reduction of calorie intake. You, in the end, get a metabolic boost meaning your body uses more calories, leaving few calories to be converted into fat.

Many scientific research concluded protein importance in whichever weight loss program. A suggestion by some studies points that an increase in protein amounts in your diet is a welcome change for optimum weight loss.  The recommended protein amount is about 30 percent of the daily calorie intake.

Common foods rich in protein include. Other protein sources are nuts, eggs, sea foods, whole grains and legumes which can include bean, peas, chicken peas and lentils.

A good way to increase the amount of protein in your diet is to consider taking a protein supplement. Whey protein powder is a good example. It’s important to vary your protein sources on a day-to-day basis.

Lower your Carb Intake

There is abundance of evidence proving low carb diet efficiency in weight loss. The important feature of low carb intake is limiting the body’s use of carbohydrates which is the main energy source. The body is forced to use fat which is the next suitable secondary source of energy.

In addition to the loads of evidence indicating low carb diet efficacy in general weight loss, studies indicated low carb diet efficiency in the lose stomach body fat and fat stored in the areas around your vital organs.

75g a day is the recommended carb intake for an optimum weight loss. The diet can include large quantities of vegetables, a fruit and a small amount of carbs (starch-based) like rise. Carb sources to be avoided are white bread and pasta.

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Fiber is a vital food group for good and better health – in perspective, soluble fiber. Soluble fiber, reduces cholesterol levels, absorbs water, decreases cardiovascular disease and diabetes risk, reduces diverticulitis symptoms and improves the function of the bowel.

Soluble fiber slows various foods digestion. The after effect means you feel satisfied for long periods, reduces cravings and helps avoid large quantities of sugar aimed at the liver in the shortest time.

When it comes to stomach fat, various studies concluded that daily intake of 10g of soluble fiber reduces abdominal fat by 3.7 percent, and noted a large reduction of 7.4 percent in abdominal fat of moderately active participants.

According to research, increasing fiber consumption by 14 percent results in a 10 percent decrease in the intake of calories, resulting in better weight loss. Great soluble fiber sources are fruits and vegetable.

Switch Oils consumed

It’s important to note the oils used in your daily diet. According to some research carried out, adding coconut oil (30 ml) assist in belly fat loss.


Firstly, we’re not talking about strenuous abdomen-targeted exercise. Research backs targeting weight loss for specific parts of the body isn’t possible. Scientific research indicates walking, running and swimming as ideal for belly fat loss. Why? These exercises involve large muscles and use large energy amounts.

Frequently Note and Evaluate Your Diet

We are not good at recording what we take daily. Why? Its time consuming and we’re bad at remembering all we ate throughout the day. We don’t suggest jotting down what you take every day – on the contrary, it’s not good as it negatively affects your weight loss goals.

However, it’s good to keep tabs occasionally to get how and what you eat, determine issues and make necessary changes.


We’ve covered why it’s important to lose stomach body fat for better health, and the various ways to achieve this. Each method works differently for each person and it’s important to use a variation of these for optimum results.

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