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Regardless Of Our Age Gap, Michael Insisted Until He Married Me!

“Michael, you are funny, I hope you know I’m not your age mate and you are throwing all these lines at me so comfortably. A small boy of 29 years asking me out, this world is just a hot pan of beans.”

“Aunty Irene, If you are older than me, that is your problem not mine. Yes I am 29 but you are just 33 and you are acting as if you are my grandmother’s mate. So I can’t like you again because you are older than me with just four years? Oh, ancient of days, Methuselah, I have heard.”

I could tell Michael was hurt by what I said, he has been disturbing me since we were in school and up till now nothing I ever said put him off.

The fact that he calls me aunty didn’t even scare him, I was like a school mother to him back in the University and he came to my room in the hostel to eat almost everyday.

After we graduated, he got a Job with Diamond Trust Bank while I went into full-time trading.

“Wait a minute Michael, so if I allow you now, you will date me, because Diamond Trust Bank pays you well you think You have arrived, my friend, get over it, you’re too young.”

Michael smiled at me, hugged me and gave me a peck which I didn’t resist.

“Okay Aunty Irene, I have heard you, I will never in my entire life ask you out anymore.”

I clapped for him and wished him well.

Though he didn’t bring up the topic anymore, we remained good friends, gossiped about almost everything and anything and Michael’s company was one I really savoured.

We went to the cinema together and other exciting places.

“Aunty Irene,  there’s this girl in my office I really like, but she keeps acting up, although she likes me too, I guess it’s just the usual pretense.”

Michael brought up this gist during one of our usual hangouts and for some odd reason I felt a little jealous, but I didn’t show it.

I asked him to go all out for her and if he really wanted her, nothing should stop him.

Michael brought Judith to my house and she was simply amazing. She was so beautiful I felt intimidated and uncomfortable.

She sat in the sitting room as Michael came to join me in the kitchen.

“So Aunty Irene, what do you think? Is she worth it?”

I hated Michael at that moment for calling me Aunty Irene, for heaven’s sakes my name is Aguti Irene!!

“She’s very beautiful Mike, you have a good taste I must confess. ”

I managed to use the onions I was cutting as an excuse to cry, I was deeply in love with Michael and it took another woman’s presence in his life for me to notice that.

I have never been lucky with relationships, my last boyfriend, against the advice of Michael, got a loan of 5 million shillings from me and used it to get married to another girl and they now live in the UK.

During that period, it was Michael that was there for me, he washed my clothes, cooked for me and made sure I never felt lonely.

I was just blinded by his age and innocence, I didn’t think it was right to date a younger man, but here I was, wishing he would ask again.

“Aunty Irene, you are crying, are you okay? ”

“I’m not okay Michael, I’m not. I love you too, I really do, I just didn’t see us dating  because of the age difference.”

Michael laughed so hard and I felt so ashamed of myself.

“So Aunty Irene, it took the presence of another girl in my life for you to realize this huh?”

“It’s fine, I’m sorry I said that, you can go and meet your girlfriend, let me make dinner for the both of you.” I said, trying to wipe the tears from my eyes.

As I set the food before them, He was whispering in her ears and she was having a good laugh, I told them I was going to eat in my room, but Michael wouldn’t have it.

I just couldn’t stand the sight of him being this sweet to another girl, it killed me.

“Well, Aunty Irene, I want to thank you very much for having me in your house, my cousin has told me so many beautiful things about you.”

Wait a minute, did she just say “my cousin? ” I almost fainted.

“Micheal won’t stop talking about you and telling the whole world how much he loves you. Yeah I know about the age stuff, but does it really matter if your heart beats for that person and you truly love each other?”

Not only was Michael’s cousin beautiful, she had brains too.

“Aunty Irene, I had to do this just to check if you didn’t feel anything for me, I’m so sorry, but the truth is, I can’t see myself being with any other girl, but you.”

Michael went down on his knees and my heart almost popped out of my chest.

“To me age is nothing, but a number, and when you were four years old, that was when I was born. The reason for that is because as a gentleman, I wanted you to see the world first before I did.

Aunty Irene, you took care of me at campus like a big sister and made sure I never lacked anything, I’m sorry my feelings for you grew into something else that I had to control for ages.

Please I beg you, will you Marry me?”

With tears in my eyes, I said an emphatic yes to him.


This is our 5th year in marriage, we are blessed with a beautiful daughter and Michael still calls me Aunty Irene, trust me, it even sounds more romantic now, especially when we have a small quarrel and he wants me to smile.

I couldn’t have asked for a perfect husband, I even look younger than my age because my husband doesn’t stress me.

His parents and mine know about our age difference and they didn’t even make a fuss about it.

☆  Love is sweet when it’s new and sweeter when it’s true.

☆  Age to some extent prevents you from love, but love to some extent prevents you from age.

☆  Never let age be a determining factor if you truly love and care about someone.

☆  Iam not saying you should go and marry your mother’s or father’s age mate, that one is solely your problem to carry.

Written by Eninu William. Tel: 0783-642052.

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About Eninu William

I am a freelance writer, counselor & public speaker. I teach Collective values to young people to build their confidence about life and become better adults.

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