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Segona says he's Threatened by Social media
Segona the Busiro EAST MP

Museveni Is Taxing Social Media Fearing It Will Lead To His Down Fall-Segona

Segona the Busiro East MP has come to challenge Museveni’s proposal of taxing the social media.

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President Museveni recently proposed taxing social Media platforms mainly Facebook and Whatsapp.

Museveni said that he taxing the social media because he wants to reduce on the lugambo that keeps on circulating on these platforms. He also claimed that taxing the social media will increase the revenue in the country.

However, segona claims that Museveni taxing social media platforms, he’s aiming at discouraging people from using them.

Museveni doesn’t want to be distorted with his rule. Taxing social media will keep his people in villages away from the news about him,” Segona said.

Segona sasid: “To begin with, you don’t tax a person who is spending, we’ve already paid tax on the airtime and now taxing me on a service I have already paid for.

He said facebook and other social media platforms have tried to sneak into Museveni’s gov’t and he’s definetly trying to stop it.

Segona also said that whenever our president runs out of money to run his operations he tends to find ways to get money.

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