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Male Contraceptives

The New Solution To Male Contraceptives!

Whereas women release between 1-2 eggs a month which is easier to control, a single male ejaculation contains hundreds of millions of sperms some of which stay in the reproductive track long after the ejaculation has passed and can still impregnate a woman.

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70% of birth control methods are targeted to women but can’t there be a male hormonal contraceptive pill! Have we even thought through the possibilities that this might be the solution we have been missing? It is about time the male species start being more responsible for their actions and not leave the calendar tracking to the females alone.

According to an article written by telegraph, the male contraceptive pill doesn’t harm sex drive and the first tastes have proven this to be true. This pill is already being made, it has passed through most tests, soon it will hit the market, this can only mean one thing, and finally men will be on the pill.

Male contraceptive pill will be new on market!

My biggest question is why has it taken this long for them to manufacture this pill and what have they been up to yet the female one has been in use for the longest of time in memorial. Is it because men haven’t been involved, how about we drag them into the fight by any means.

Up to this time efforts to create a once-daily pill to imitate the mainstream female contraceptive have stalled because men metabolise clears out the hormones it delivers too quickly. Also the male contraceptive about to go on the market is based off chemical castration no matter how much they say it’s safe. We all know that testosterone doesn’t only play a role in sperm production it’s what makes men men.

At the highest dose of DMAU tested, 400 mg, subjects showed “marked suppression” of levels of their testosterone and two hormones required for sperm production. Despite having low levels of circulating testosterone, very few subjects reported symptoms consistent with testosterone deficiency or excess.

Also I’ll leave it to you lot to decide how a drug can continually suppress your testosterone levels and you still don’t exhibit symptoms of testosterone deficiency, yet when ARVs suppress your viral load your immune system begins to pick up again.

The female body is designed to handle frequent fluctuations in hormone levels

The effect of their birth control is thus less severe than it would be on a body that doesn’t have this inbuilt advantage. The effects are there yes and in many cases do include infertility especially in the long run.

I won’t deny that they negatively affect women as well but they have a biological buffer against the effects one of the reasons science is slow to focus on male birth control pills despite the female pills being around for 70 years.

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