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Inncoming Guild President,Prize Mari Slaps A Police Commander

Incoming Guild President,Prize Mari Slapped A Police Commander

Incoming Guild President, Prize Mari, slapped the Kampala police commander twice, after an abrupt argument ensued over the arrest of 24 students from Makerere University.Prize was furious when she realized the students were being held over the petty crime of ”causing disturbance in a public place.

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It was a moment of fear after this incident the contestant Mari Prize.

The students were enjoying their local alcohol, the popular Nile Waragi when police ambushed them .It is rumored that Taliwaku had sponsored the drinking.

One of the students,Felix Ssemuyu allegedly whipped motorists to create way for the others to pass, as Taliwaku was commanding the force.The 24 students were arrested, 16 managed to refuse arrest and firmly stood outside the police station chanting, ”Taliwaku must save us” but little did they Know that Taliwaku had escaped the scene.
Mari arrived at the scene and first tried to negotiate with the commander, to release the students as they were innocent, and only acted so because they were under the influence. The OCPD was adamant that the 24 students must be charged for causing disturbance in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace.

With deafening chants of ”COMRADES POWER!!”,”Prize Mari Our Savior”, ‘Prize is the deal”, and other manner of possessed words ,Mari re-entered the OCPD’s office and slapped the OCPD ruthlessly and immediately all the students were released minus any charges.

Meanwhile we still maintain that it was the police commander who brought his cheeks nearer towards Prize Mari’s hand to slap.

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