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What You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy S9

Some people that have used Galaxy S8 say that it’s one of the best and stylish smartphone in the world, but that might not be the case. The upcoming Galaxy S9 together with its fantastic brother, Galaxy S9 Plus might be more sophisticated and too stylish, though there’s a lot we haven’t hard about the upcoming smartphone.

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The design of Galaxy S9

Unlike Galaxy S8, rumors say that the next Samsung flagship phone has slight changes especially at the back, it’s just like Apple especially S9 plus which was built with dual lens camera, but the front part doesn’t look much different from Galaxy S8.

Here’s how the Galaxy S9 might look like in the video below

Samsung Galaxy S9 has a pair of mounted camera lenses on its top, with a heart rate sensor and a flash. This flagship phone appears in two different colours, silver and blue / gray, however, the company might build more of these smartphones with other colours.

At the moment based on the design specification, rumours say S9 has a built-in single camera lens at the back while S9 Plus is a bigger flagship phone which could have 2 camera lenses.

Samsung will release its flagship phone on either 25th or 26th- february 2018, the pre-orders and shipment will be expected in the first two weeks of March.

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