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Shocked: The Least Paid African President! View List

Museveni on electoral commission

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni is one second African president who earns the lowest salary. According to a list of salaries compiled by African Review  team, Museveni earns $13,000 equivalent to Shs 43,199,000.00 (Shs 43m from Shs 36m in 2011). Check Also: The World’s Poorest Presiden-t. His Reason Why He’s Poor Will Surprise You He is the second last on the least of ...

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Mogadishu: How Al-Qaida Leader In East African Was killed

Mogadishu killed Al-Qaida Leader

Mogadishu. Under pressure from NATO forces in Afghanistan, al-Qaeda elements had taken advantage of the chaos in Somalia to set up havens and form new alliances. Check Also: Nasser al- Wuhaishi Yemeni al-Qaeda leader confirmed dead in US strike The situational analysis of their presence in the Horn of Africa was alarming. It was understood that the wastelands of Somalia’s lawless ...

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South Sudan Government Rejects UN Proposal To Send More Peacekeepers


JUBA – South Sudan on Wednesday rejected a U.S. proposal for the U.N. Security Council to send 4,000 additional troops / peacekeepers to the East African country to restore calm,[9] saying it “seriously undermines” its sovereignty and threatens a return to colonialism.[4] Check also: Amid South Sudan Evacuations, Some Locals Are Turned Back Government spokesman Michael Makuei said the proposal ...

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Germany Closes Juba Embassy, UN Staff Flee After One Is Raped


The Germany airforce completed the evacuation of about 200 people from the South Sudanese capital Juba on Wednesday including citizens of Germany, the Netherlands and other countries.[9] Check Also: America Evacuates Its Embassy Staff From South Sudan Germany has also closed its embassy in South Sudan ‘temporarily’ owing to violent conflict in the capital. According to the German foreign ministry, [7]the ...

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Amid South Sudan Evacuations, Some Locals Are Turned Back

Evacuation from South Sudan

JUBA, South Sudan  — Some South Sudanese, including those with dual U.S. citizenship, [9]are not being allowed to leave war-torn South Sudan,[3] even as the United States, India and others continued Thursday to evacuate their citizens while a fragile cease-fire appeared to hold. Check Also: Uganda Loses Shs3B Daily In S. Sudan Conflict The reports that South Sudan’s government is checking ...

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