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COVID-19 Pandemic Leave Footballers Scrambling To Find A Way Home

Ronaldo to make cars called 7egend - covid - 19

COVID-19 continues to put much of the sports world on hiatus. Despite the fewer options, online sports betting platforms have managed to find waging opportunities for handicappers all over the world – even when some of the world’s best athletes are in quarantine. Football associations in various countries around the world have postponed league play, leaving some of the world’s ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo Panics Over Corona Virus, Travels Back Home!

Cristiano Ronaldo Panics About Corona Virus, Pauses Soccer Challenges

Recently during the football matches in the western World, three footballers were confirmed positive with Corona Virus and Cristiano Ronaldo, a famous soccer player decided to fly back to his home country until the situation calms down. Check also: Weasel Manizo Reportedly Suffering From Terrible Skin Disease The Virus is eating up many people all over the World and panic ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Sloppiness Hands Him Red Card

Cristiano Ronaldo's Sloppiness Hands Him Red Card

Cristiano Ronaldo’s incredible collection of goals is not the only thing the Turin side bought from Real Madrid this summer, as an unsightly red card showed, Ronaldo’s European debut for Juventus wasn’t supposed to end in tears. Check also: Lionel Messi Overtakes Ronaldo In The Champions League Hat Trick Count However, Cristiano set off in tears in Champions League debut for ...

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Lionel Messi Overtakes Ronaldo In The Champions League Hat Trick Count

Lionel Messi Overtakes Christiano In The Champion League Hat Trick

Lionel Messi broke ties with Cristiano Ronaldo as his Eighth Champions League treble made him the most prolific hat-trick scorer in the competition’s history, earning him more high praise from Barcelona’s boss Ernesto Valverde. Check also: Messi Leads Barcelona To The Quarter Finals Of The Champion’s League After Defeating Chelsea. The Argentinian superstar, Lionel Messi had been leveled with Ronaldo, but lit ...

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