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5 Ways Of How To Handle A Bad First Date

Date: how to handle a bad first date

A first date always has our stomach in knots and mostly for good reason. But, what if things don’t turn out the way you thought they would? The person who seemed so charming and perfect on texts may not be so in person. Check also: 11 Thoughts A Girl Thinks Before She Decides To Make A Move On A Man She ...

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10 Things Every Man Should Never Wear On A Date

on a date

It’s hard to resist a man who is dressed nice, groomed to perfection, and well-mannered. Dressing nicely on a date helps set you apart from the rest of the wolf pack, which is essential when trying to impress someone. Dating is hard enough as it is, don’t give someone a reason to not want to see you again, especially when it comes to your ...

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5 Rules On What To wear On Your First Date

5 Rules to guide you on your first date

Going on date is some of the pressuring moments in one’s life. What’s unique about a Date is that it isn’t gender specific but rather it pressures both gender i.e.[9] Male and Female respectively that’s if those going on a date are of the opposite sex. Check also: Uganda’s Top 20 Fashion Designers How should I look? This my first ...

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