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Development Channel CEO Sends Written Message To Museveni

Museveni Received A Written Message

Development Channel boss Charles N. Lambert finally reserved a longer statement to President Museveni through his social media platform, on Twitter  in the names @CharlesLambertN. While on twitter, he wrote a strong message as a representative of Development Channel to the Ugandan president. Check also: Museveni Is Happy For The Numerous Developments In The Country In this message, he pointed out a statement ...

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Ignore The Social Media Posts, They Are All Lies – Chairman Of Development Channel States

Development Channel States

It is quite unfortunate that the institutions that should encourage economic growth and development in Uganda are the actual major impediments to it. HOW YOU WILL BRAND AN ORGANIZATION THAT BEGAN WITHOUT CHAIRS IN AN EMPTY ROOM AND HAS INVESTED TO THE POINT OF EQUIPPING THREE MASSIVE BUILDINGS WITH OVER 1,000 EMPLOYEES AS A FRAUDULENT SCAM OR ANYTHING OF SUCH ...

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Capital Markets Authority Of Uganda Blocked the Publication Of This Article In New Vision Even With paid funds Returned!


As promised, we have continued the mission to FOSTER the legacy of President Yoweri Museveni through tangible deeds and actions that make actual impact in the lives of ordinary Ugandans and Africans at large. The legacy of freedom and security creating enabling environment for private sector to thrive and make the difference. A legacy we believe is the position of ...

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Development Channel Created 350 Jobs, 5,000 Workers Begin Next Week

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he big opportunity in regards with the development Channel whose aim is to pave a clean way, towards the development,

The big opportunity in regards with the development Channel whose aim is to pave a clean way, towards the eliminating poverty, and divide employment opportunities between the underdeveloped and developed countries. This  successful private sector company has its headquarters in Kampala, Uganda. Check also: MTN Named The Most Prestigious Brand In Africa Successfully, this development channel has registered over 350 full ...

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