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A 70 year Old Indian Woman Gave Birth To Twins

she gave birth

Miracles are still happening in this world, never ever curse your life as long as you’re still alive, look at this Indian woman by the names of Omkari who gave birth to twins, this was a great surprise for a woman of that age to give birth to twins. Check also: Conjoined Twins From Mexico Refused To Be Separated Despite Doctor’s ...

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A 70 year old Indian Woman Gives Birth To First Baby

old Indian Woman Gives Birth To First Baby

New Delhi – Doctors in India on Wednesday raised ethical and health concerns after a woman gave birth to her first baby in her 70s, following two years of IVF treatment.[9] Check also: Pregnant woman of 65 years will produce quadruplets Daljinder Kaur gave birth last month to a healthy boy after falling pregnant by her 79-year-old husband, following fertility ...

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