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Why Some Kenyan Men Are Forced To Rent Out Their Wives To Tourists

kenyan men rent out their wives

There are quite a number of things a man can simply do in this world to generate income, but by trying here and there and finally things fail to work out can sometimes lead to suicide attempt. Because of too much poverty along the Kenyan coastal counties in Mombasa, some residents are now forced to rent out their wives to ...

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Meet The Country With Most Jealous Men In Africa, According To Research

kenyan men are most jealous in africa

According to research, men who are likely to beat up their women if seen talking to other males (jealous) compared to their counterparts in western or southern Africa are Kenyan men. A study comparing domestic violence in East, Southern, and Western Africa shows half of Kenyan men are likely to turn violent if partners talk to other males. For searching ...

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