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Okello Ended Up Marrying Another Girl – Amazing Love Story!

okello wedding

I felt this butterfly effect each time Okello called, I just couldn’t control it anymore, there was no way in this life I would have said no to him when he approached me that day, his pick up lines made me blush like an idiot. “Wow girl, you look really amazing, God must have taken time to build this body?” ...

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Regardless Of Our Age Gap, Michael Insisted Until He Married Me!

Michael birth certificates

“Michael, you are funny, I hope you know I’m not your age mate and you are throwing all these lines at me so comfortably. A small boy of 29 years asking me out, this world is just a hot pan of beans.” “Aunty Irene, If you are older than me, that is your problem not mine. Yes I am 29 ...

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