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6 Things All Men With Pregnant Women MUST Know – Others Ignore

pregnant women

Do you know that certain things you do when your wife is pregnant actually contributes to state of health of the mother and unborn child? Listen, it’s disappointing to see men showing no concern to their pregnant wife or fail to adjust to some temporary changes!!! It’s just 9 months, not like it’s forever. Check also: 10 Things Why Men Love ...

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10 Signs Your Partner Is Nolonger Interested In You

love partner

Have you ever been dumped ? I have – more than once. Invariably, it’s not fun. But you know what? You come to respect a partner who has the guts to just tell you it’s over. Check also: 16 hard truths in your relationship that you hate to admit Spend enough time in the dating world and you’ll come across several ...

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10 Things Every Man Should Never Wear On A Date

on a date

It’s hard to resist a man who is dressed nice, groomed to perfection, and well-mannered. Dressing nicely on a date helps set you apart from the rest of the wolf pack, which is essential when trying to impress someone. Dating is hard enough as it is, don’t give someone a reason to not want to see you again, especially when it comes to your ...

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8 Ways To Silently Seduce A Woman

8 ways to make a woman fall for you

Well, it’s really had to talk to a stranger in a good ways especially the women that hang out and are not used to meet new faces that appear to them for the first time which makes it hard for most of the guys to make there first move.[9] Check also: 13 Signs That Shows You And Him Are Perfectly ...

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11 Adorable Things Guys Unknowingly Do That Girls Really Love

black couple guys

And then he does that, and you melt! There are some things guys do unknowingly that women, for some inexplicable reason, find irresistibly sexy.[2] They aren’t grand gestures, rather silly little things that kinda turn them on. Which one of these did you fall for?![1] Check also: 10 Things You Can Get If You’ve Never Had A Boyfriend 1. The ...

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