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Over 8 Million Ugandans Are Living In Poverty

poverty in uganda is on the rise

A new report from the Uganda Bureau of statistics reveals that over 8 million Ugandans are living in poverty as of the years 2016/2017. Check also: Over Consumption Of Alcohol Has Led To The Increasing Poverty In Our Country-Museveni This is contained in the final results of the Uganda National Households Survey (UNHS) 2016/2017. Addressing the media at the UBOS head ...

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This is What Will Happen When You Give Money To The Poor

give money

Giving money directly to people in extreme poverty has been proven effective again and again, by study after study. But, this solution often provokes visceral reactions in people, as it runs contrary to the values in society—that people should earn their money, and anything else is unfair. Check also: 11 Jobs That Can Pay You Over $100,000 Annually This fetishization of self-reliance, ...

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