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10 Rules Of Applying MakeUp

How to apply makeup

When it comes to makeup women tend to run mad over makeup issues right from how to apply it until how they will look when its applied on their faces. Check also: 7 Things Girls With Beautiful Hair ‘Never Do’ Applying Makeup is the most addictive thing that most women ever do in life but the problem comes when these women ...

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10 Signs Your Partner Is Nolonger Interested In You

love partner

Have you ever been dumped ? I have – more than once. Invariably, it’s not fun. But you know what? You come to respect a partner who has the guts to just tell you it’s over. Check also: 16 hard truths in your relationship that you hate to admit Spend enough time in the dating world and you’ll come across several ...

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20 Things You Need To Know When You’re Dating A Strong Woman

strong woman

A strong woman can come off as intimidating. She knows what she wants in life and she’s on a mission to get it. She works hard, she’s independent, and she doesn’t need a relationship to define her. Check also: A 60-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth To Twins While she might not need a relationship to make her happy, don’t confuse that with not wanting ...

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3 Signs She’s cheating on you

To cheat in this century is seen normal  therefore partners that cheat on each other don’t feel the guilty of cheating on one’s partner. Check also: 11 reasons Why people cheat To be sincere, women have the lowest rate of cheating and when they do start, you can’t really tell that your woman is have a an affair behind your ...

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