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Travel Writer: 5 Traits These People Have To Become the Best Experts to Hire?

Are you looking to take up a career as a travel writer? Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to tour the world, send back escapades, pictures, videos plus get paid heavily, eh?

There is just one problem. The travel writing industry is fast changing from what it used to be before when everybody had a shot at writing and getting paid handsomely. Well, the slots for travel writers are dwindling, and the career line is more competitive than ever now.

You can’t blame anyone for this. Time changed everything. The travel world is evolving, so is the need of the audience and the news outlet as well.

The internet changed everything. People no longer need to buy newspapers or magazines before they learn about their chosen holiday destination. This has drastically reduced the number of sponsors, advertisers, and marketers that come up with the plenty of spending money allocated to travel writers.

The opportunities for travel writers just shifted from the traditional news outlets to the internet, making it difficult for newbies to break even.

Why is it this difficult? The opportunities presented by the internet is enormous, but the number of travel enthusiasts chasing after these opportunities are too many. Lots of travel writers are looking to make more money from the industry, making it increasingly difficult to do so when everyone is trying.

Just a few experts in the industry are making a kill. These experts have developed their brand and signature in the travel industry that is difficult to ignore.

If you want to make it to their level, you need to have some unique traits that will set you apart from the competition. 

An experienced team of academic writing experts from Smart Writing Service is going to outline these traits so you can exploit them and increase your chances of becoming a professional travel writer.

1. Strong Online Presence 

Expert travel writers are “experts” because of the robust online portfolio they have managed to create for themselves on the internet. Expert writers don’t just travel and write about it, they develop a strong presence online and carry their fans along. 

Experts have a website dedicated to informing their fans on their next move. Here you will find details of their next trip, upcoming events, their previous trips, photos and videos of their adventure.

It’s easy to create a website but challenging to get people to follow you. These expert uses social media outlets to extract travel enthusiasts and get them glued to their site with quality content. 

2. Dedicated to a Niche 

Experts separate themselves from the large population of travel writers by carving out a niche based on their passion. They do this by falling in love with an area of travel writing and honing their expertise there for years till they are very good at it.

 When you read their publications, you feel this aura of authority spelled all over it. This is because they have mastered the art and developed a style from it. 

Experts have their style, and can confidently speak on matters from their niche. People seek them for clarifications, explanations and even suggestions. Thus, when they post their content on social media, they gain so much fellowship from travel enthusiasts conversant with their niche. 

To become an expert travel writer, you need to find the niche you love and stick to it.

3. Spreading Nets across Different Opportunities 

Successful travel writers have their blogs and websites, but most of them didn’t stop there. Most experts you find in the industry today probably kicked off their career as an editor in their town daily paper. They built their way to the top by featuring in so many publications to get their name out there.

To get your name out there in the industry, you must spread your net and seize every opportunity to have your name on a publication. 

Start from publishing your content in your local newspaper. Look for popular magazines around you and see if they could have your content featured on their weekly specials.  Don’t overlook these outlets to focus on your website. People need to know what you have to offer before they decide to seek you out and follow you to your blog.

4. Industry Connections

Just like every other field, you need links to get you to the very top. Experts in the travel industry understand this and don’t joke with it. They host and attend workshops, seminars, and conferences offline. This way they meet other experts in the industry and learn about innovations in the field. This connection is essential as it will help push you up the ladder of success in the industry.

You too can start from your local meet-ups and hook up with other travel writers from your area. Build your portfolio from there and get yourself to more important scenes.

5. Creativity and Innovations 

The ever-changing demands of travel readers have kept writers on their toes. Travel writers who have failed to keep up with these changes will fall low on the food chain. 

Experts, however, always find ways to remain relevant. They develop new ideas, infuse creativity that is just hard to beat into their content and keep their readers amazed by how far they can go to please them.

Professional travel writers along with academic writers do their thing differently. To get to their level, you have to follow their steps while you do your job differently too.

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