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President Trump Called For Russia To Re-join The G-7 Group Of Countries

The president of the United States, His Excellency Donald Trump told media that he would like Russia to be reinstated to G-7 so that it can become a group of 8 (G8). He spoke all this ahead of the G-7 meeting in Canada. Russia was removed from the group of countries and yet it was among the countries with the leading advanced economies.

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During the big talks with North Korea and China, this is Donald Trump granting a very large adjustment absent of mutual exchange, putting him forward at supremacy with United States allies.

Trump has been criticized several times for seeming tolerant regarding Russia though they have been threatening U.S democracy.

Trump told reporters that he’s still going to pardon thousands of people including the late Muhammad Ali ( the boxer ). I will continue calling for people who are unfairly treated.

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