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I am a freelance writer, counselor & public speaker. I teach Collective values to young people to build their confidence about life and become better adults.

Avalanche Of Mockery, Torrent Of Hate Is What Some People Are Looking For In President’s COVID-19 Addresses

president museveni 's covid -19 addresses

An Avalanche of mockery and torrent Of hate is what some people are looking for in the president’s Covid-19 addresses. Can’t we all be polite just this once. The president brings 10 solutions, you’re already finding 10 problems for them. Aren’t you Satan self-imposing as man or woman? Ask Italians and the Spanish now what disrespect did to their country ...

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Uganda Spirits Manufacturers Agree To Convert Ethanol Into Hand Sanitizers.

uganda spirits manufacturers unbs

In a bid to fight the spread of coronavirus, the Uganda Spirits Manufacturers have agreed to Convert ethanol worth 7.3 million liters into hand sanitizers. Ms Evelyn Anite, the state minister for investment made the pronouncement. Ms Anite reached the agreement in a meeting with Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) and Spirits Manufacturers in Kampala. Since manufacturers are changing their business ...

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Uganda Airlines Postpones Flights Indefinitely

Uganda Airlines government officials

Uganda Airlines has postponed all her flights indefinitely to curb the spread of coronavirus. This decision by the national carrier has taken effect today until further notice. They further said that this is in the interest of ensuring the safety of the customers, staff and the public. Uganda Airlines advised clients holding tickets for travel to rebook so that they ...

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Passengers Stranded at Katuna Border After Museveni’s New Directives

stranded passengers at katuna

Several passengers are said to be stranded at Katuna border after they were blocked from crossing into Rwanda or Uganda. This follows the directives from both authorities to suspend all movements as a way of preventing the spread of the novel COVID 19. Yesterday evening, president Museveni ordered the closure of all Uganda borders for both exits and entries. One ...

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Broken Families Are Responsible For Bitter Generation

grooming children - broken families

It’s almost normal lately to see broken families, a child not growing up with his/her mother and father. These decisions in the beginning just involve two people who think they made a mistake to have sex together. In the end however, there is a third party who didn’t know anything at all. May be parents don’t know but a broken ...

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