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Feffe Bussi On Why He Doesn’t Regret Not Joining UNMF

Rapper Feffe Bussi Dating Nkuba Kyeyo MTC Numbers

Singer Feffe Bussi has revealed reasons why he doesn’t regret not joining the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF). He said he doesn’t see what it has added to other musicians who are registered members in it for almost a year now. The UNMF was formed by Eddy Kenzo last year. He called fellow musicians to join him so that they ...

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Let People Be – Bryan White Responds To Kasuku

Kasuku Mocks Bryan White, Calls Him A Fool

Fugitive city socialite Bryan White real name Brian Kirumira has responded to media personality Kasuku telling him to stop telling people what and what not to do. He said he should let people live their own lives. This is because he doesn’t have the authority to control anyone. Mr. White and Kasuku are known to be very close. During the ...

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Emmanuel Lwasa’s Estranged Wife Angel Gives Birth

Emmanuel Lwasa ’s Estranged Wife Angel Gives Birth

Troubled Masaka businessman and ex-tycoon Emmanuel Lwasa ’s estranged wife Kwakunda Angel has reportedly given birth. Lwasa said he is not sure if the child is his because he has never seen the child physically, he only received a photo on WhatsApp which was set to be viewed once. The two got married in 2021 in a traditional introduction ceremony ...

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Gabbie Ntaate Warns Journalists Against Asking Insensitive Questions

Gabbie Ntaate Warns Journalists Against Asking Insensitive Questions

Gospel singer Gabbie Ntaate has warned journalists against asking celebrities insensitive questions. She said everyone is entitled to their privacy and it is not okay to he asked some private questions. Ntaate was a media personality and she used to do the gossip shows which involves asking people question they don’t want to be asked. However, when she left working ...

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Harmonize Is Just My Best Friend – Laika Clears The Air

Laika Music Denies Sleeping With Tanzanian Singer Harmonize

Upcoming singer Laika has cleared the air about her relationship with Tanzanian singer Harmonize. She said they are not dating, they are just best friends who are their for each other. Laika and Harmonize sparked off dating rumors when she traveled to Tanzania to spend time with the singer. During her stay there, she was sleeping under one roof with ...

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