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Bride Robs $96,000 From Husband During Honeymoon


A new bride who proved to be a wealth hunter reportedly robbed her spouse while in the United States during their honeymoon. Check also: A 38  Year Old  Groom Arrested On Wedding Day for Murder The bride by the names of Hamiton Christina was charged with theft and fraud during her appearance before Judge Mashamba Victoria. Christina’s husband is the complainant ...

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The letter That Killed My Boss Omecha

boss omecha

I cleared my files in a haste as I checked my time, “damn, Christina is going to kill me if I don’t get home on time.” Just as I was about leaving, I got a call from the intercom and my Boss Omecha asked me to come over to his office briefly that he had some stuff to discuss with ...

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How My Step Mother Became A Ladder To My Success

step mother

Step mothers are in most cases regarded as enviable parents, they are normally expected to take up a great deal of parental responsibilities with minimal appreciation, according to an article written by Elizabeth Grace of Bring a step parent. Check also: Older Women May Make Better Mothers, According To Research My name is Juliet, I grew up in the family of ...

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Why you SHOULD Understand Your Partner In A Relationship

partner relationships for man and woman

Knowing and understanding your partner is an element that is important and emphasized in relationships. This helps to correct what goes wrong and recover from certain situations. Even your potential to predict the reactions of your partner is very important as romantic love and attraction, according to Psychologia. Check also: Here Are Some Tricks Of How To Find True Love In ...

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