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Why Tony Was Put In His Right Place!

Johnny Tony

“Your over confidence annoys me at times, like this girl cannot leave you? Wait, who exactly do you think you are and what do you give to her that has given you such a mindset that she’s stuck on you ?” Robert asked Tony as they munched pork at a joint in Pamba. Check also: The Blessed Assurance Christina Received! “Look ...

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Sylvia’s Silent Revenge!

sylvia and father

“Mark, this thing you are doing is nothing but pure wickedness from the pit of hell. You know you won’t marry this girl, but you keep using her like a sanitary pad. Karma is real by the way, tell Sylvia your intentions, break her heart now, stop prolonging this thing ” Check also: Akol The Street Child With A Big Dream ...

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My Father Died Of Blood Cancer, It Was A Painful Moment!

sylvia and father

Am by the names of Patricia, a graduate of Makerere University in Uganda. I was born in a family of 4 children, three boys and I was the only girl. For a very long time my parents were not in good terms and therefore ended up separating when we were still very young. My mother left and took my young ...

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