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3 Reasons Why You Should Date A Divorced Man

marry her - divorced man

Dating sometimes happens to be hard for people who have undergone a divorce. On the other hand, dating a divorced man is something that not a good number of women can agree too easily. However, there are a lot of benefits that come out of dating a divorced man. Here are some benefits of dating a divorced man. He knows communication ...

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A Letter To My Future Wife

letter to my future wife

Dear future wife, listen to me carefully, listen eh, divorce is not an option. I forgive you for whatever mistake you are going to make, it’s already forgiven. No matter how much you get mad at me or annoy me, you see these my hands, I will never use them to hit you. No matter how angry I am, I ...

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Single Mum Wants New Law That Will Force Men To Marry Three Wives

single mum

A 32 year old single mum identified as Wambui Wangu Alice in Lamu County in northern coast of Kenya has shocked residents by launching a special initiative which supports men to marry at least three wives. Check also: Okello Ended Up Marrying Another Girl- Amazing Love Story! The single mum of one noted that the government should quickly amend marriage law ...

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Tamale Mirundi Declares His New Girlfriend

Tamale Mirundi Parades His New Intimate Girlfriend

The former Senior Presidential Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi, who is also known for speaking his mind on issues concerning the country’s well-fair, has finally declared his new brown juicy girlfriend. Check also: Tamale Mirundi To Be Employed As SK Mbuga’s Personal Advisor However, Tamale Mirundi was spotted with the sexy lady who gazetted all his minds to the extent ...

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How A Man Can Make Himself Attractive To Women

attractive boyfriend conversations with u

Staying cool and attractive to women is a dream of every man. According to many men, enhancing oneself looks simple, but staying attractive to women is an uphill task. Luckily, there are many ways to remain attractive to women in your life and those who you meet at social functions. Simple things like a change in attitude, body language, and ...

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