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Having Multiple Sexual Partners Leads To These Shocking Spiritual Facts

Spiritual Facts About Having Multiple Sexual Partners

Many people tend to enjoy themselves with multiple sexual partners, without even knowing how dangerous it can be, but remember in the spiritual World, its not just sex because it has more of soul ties. When you sleep with different men or ladies, you tie your soul with theirs, their souls may come in different forms of darkness. Some of ...

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Woman Files For Divorce, Says Her husband Is Too Caring

woman in love relationship

I grew up knowing that all women were created to be cared for, but I was surprised after reports from several blogs indicating that a certain woman from U.A.E finally filed for divorce claiming that her husband is too caring. The woman who feels uncomfortable because of too much love from the husband appeared at Shariah court in Fujairah City, ...

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Why Do Most Relationships Fail To Make It To Marriage

love relationship and relationships

Ever wondered why most relationships fail to make it to marriage. Is it a fashion these days to just relate without the purpose of marriage? Or may be relationships just fail because they have to. Sometimes it seems intentional though. You can look at a couple that has all the potential to make it in marriage but they are not ...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Date A Divorced Man

marry her - divorced man

Dating sometimes happens to be hard for people who have undergone a divorce. On the other hand, dating a divorced man is something that not a good number of women can agree too easily. However, there are a lot of benefits that come out of dating a divorced man. Here are some benefits of dating a divorced man. He knows communication ...

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A Letter To My Future Wife

letter to my future wife

Dear future wife, listen to me carefully, listen eh, divorce is not an option. I forgive you for whatever mistake you are going to make, it’s already forgiven. No matter how much you get mad at me or annoy me, you see these my hands, I will never use them to hit you. No matter how angry I am, I ...

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