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Okello Ended Up Marrying Another Girl – Amazing Love Story!

okello wedding

I felt this butterfly effect each time Okello called, I just couldn’t control it anymore, there was no way in this life I would have said no to him when he approached me that day, his pick up lines made me blush like an idiot. “Wow girl, you look really amazing, God must have taken time to build this body?” ...

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Having Multiple Sexual Partners Leads To These Shocking Spiritual Facts

Spiritual Facts About Having Multiple Sexual Partners

Many people tend to enjoy themselves with multiple sexual partners, without even knowing how dangerous it can be, but remember in the spiritual World, its not just sex because it has more of soul ties. When you sleep with different men or women, you tie your soul with theirs, their souls may come in different forms of darkness. Some of ...

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Lady Says Her Husband Feared To Associate With Her, He Says Her Personal Outlook Was Not Appealing

Lady Says Man She Loved Evicted Her From His House With Their Two Children

Everyone is wonderfully made and every person has his or her own beauty. Every man has his different attraction that makes him fall in love with a particular lady. A 34 year old lady identified as Beatrice says she was doubting if her husband really loved her. They had been in marriage for only one year but chances of them ...

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I Snatched My Sister’s Husband And I Don’t Regret – Mueni From Machakos Reveals

Mueni Says She Snatched Her Sister’s Husband And She Doesn't Regret

‘I have decided to share this story because many people who know me are so judgmental and blame me for what happened even though they don’t really know how we got here,’ says Mueni. People are killing each other in relationships everyday. In my opinion, this is because most of them are not ready to leave toxic relationships due to ...

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