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Chameleone Dumped As NUP Chooses Latif Ssebagala For Kampala Mayor

NUP Chooses Latif Ssebaggala For Kampala Mayor

The vetting committee for the opposition party NUP dumped Chameleone and picked Latif Ssebaggala for Kampala’s mayoral seat. Ssebaggala was deemed more suitable for the race compared to singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleon. They vetted the two last week to contest for Kampala’s highest position that is currently occupied by Erias Lukwago. Lukwago previously presided under the Democratic Party ...

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Ragga Dee To Represent NRM For Kampala Lord Mayor

Ragga Dee To Represent NRM

The NRM Electoral commission confirms Ragga Dee, real names Kazibwe Daniel as the official representative of National Resistance Movement Party for the Kampala Lord Mayor seat. This was after he was declared winner over Sebana Kizito who had refused to consent the first time it was disclosed. The NRM electoral commission had to organize another recount where Ragga Dee was ...

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Chameleone To Go Head On With Latif Ssebagala in NUP Primaries

Chameleone To Go Head On With Latif Ssebagala in NUP Primaries

Joseph Mayanja alias Chameleone to go head to head with Latif Ssebagala in the NUP primaries. This is so because the singer finally picked up NUP nomination forms for the position of the Kampala Lord Mayor. This is going to be a very stiff competition between these two because Latif has been one of the most committed NUP members. He ...

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High Court Refuses To Stop The Nomination Of NUP Candidates

High Court

The High Court in Kampala has declined an application seeking to stop the nomination of Bobi Wine and all National Unity Platform ( NUP) candidates in the 2021 elections. This case was filed by two members in the former National Unity Reconciliation and Development Party(NURP) which is now the National Unity Platform. The two, Hassan Twaha and Basile Difas filed ...

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FDC Blames EC For Not Preparing Voters Ahead of 2021 Elections

FDC Blames EC

Forum for Democratic Change or FDC has blamed the Electoral Commission for failing to prepare voters ahead of the 2021 Elections. The EC is completely ignoring the fact that voters need to be educated. Voters need to be prepared for these elections because they are one of a kind. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda , the party spokesperson, actually blamed the low ...

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