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Global Covid-19 Infections Surpasses 10 Million

USA coronavirus /global covid -19deaths toll

The global covid-19 infections have exceeded 10 million as the rate of new cases increases, according to an AFP score on Sunday. 1 million new coronavirus cases registered in only 6 days, according to the AFP score, just as countries begin to loosen up the pandemic lockdowns that have crippled their economies and made millions of people to be laid-off ...

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Zimbabwean Authorities To Confiscate Rich People’s Corrupt Assets

Zimbabwean Authorities To Confiscate It's Rich People's Corrupt Assets

News that reached our desk this morning indicates that the Zimbabwean authorities are ready to deal with all people who cannot explain where their wealth came from. They are in danger of having their assets confiscated even if they are cleared of corruption allegation by the courts. Check also: Public Asked To Monitor Government Agencies On Corruption “The new operation was ...

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US Does Not Need More Lockdowns To Control It’s Covid-19 Outbreak – Anthony Fausi

US Does Not Need More Lockdowns To Control It’s Covid-19 Outbreak

The United States of America doesn’t need more widespread pandemic lockdowns to control it’s covid-19 outbreak, even though the rate of it’s daily infections has stayed flat, according to the US top government expert, Mr Fausi Anthony. During his interview with AFP journalist on Thursday, the American physician and immunologist who has served as the director of National Institute of ...

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Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza Dies At 55

Pierre Nkurunziza

The president of Burundi His Excellency Pierre Nkurunziza has died at the age of 55 after suffering from cardiac arrest (unexpected loss of heart function), according to the government. In a statement issued by the government, the president was on Saturday rushed to the hospital where he was admitted after feeling unwell. This happened after he had attended a volley ...

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GoFundMe Page Raises $12 Million For George Floyd In Only One Week

GoFundMe Page Raises $12 Million For George Floyd

A GoFundMe page which was created by George Floyd’s brother has raised more than Ugx44 billion ($12 million) in a period of just one week. After the death of George Floyd, his brother identified as Philonise Floyd created a GoFundMe page on Friday last week. The deceased’s brother opened the page hoping to raise about $1.5 million, to help meet ...

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