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Excited Couple Welcome Set Of Twins After 16 Years Of Childlessness

Excited couple welcome twins

Have you been blessed with one thing? Now imagine if the same thing came in a double, a set of twins. It is indeed a period of double celebration for a woman and her husband as they celebrate the occasion of their 16th wedding anniversary in a very special way. The lady who is a nutritionist recently took to her ...

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You May Never Find The Perfect Person, But You will Get The Right Person

You May Never Find The Perfect Person, But You will Get The Right Person

Most people are still single because they are looking for the perfect person to settle with. They are looking for angels among humans. Some times we are so unrealistic in our search, take a look at yourself, are you perfect? Why do you search for things within people that you yourself lack. Most of the things are not as complicated ...

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When The Communication Channel Breaks, Most Things Die

When The Communication Channel Breaks

There are a lot of things that can die when the communication channel breaks. Communication is everything, its like the oxygen for any institution, relationship and every other thing. When talking stops, it means there is no sense of direction anymore. People just won’t know where to go and what to do or not do because there is no voice ...

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Are You Among The Covid-19 Lucky Ones?, If Not, Read On

Are You Among The Covid-19 Lucky Ones

It’s been months since the outbreak of the coronavirus and some people don’t seem to be getting any lucky. Whereas for others, life is on a rollercoaster. sliding down a smooth slope. This poses a question to many, ‘’Why not me?’’ Today, I will focus on the not so good side of the coin. So yes, God flipped the coin, ...

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“We Shall Put Down Our Tools”, MUBS Lecturers Threaten

MUBS Lecturers Threaten To Strike

Makerere University Business School/ MUBS lecturers have promised to put down their tools if they do not receive their salary arrears as soon as possible. The chair person MUBS Academic staff Association, Brian Muyomba said they will have a sit down strike. This will entail not invigilating of papers and even marking until they are thought about. The finalists are ...

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