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Why You Should Never Watch Pornography

Why You Should Never Watch Pornography

Pornography is one of those vices that are easy to get into, yet extremely very difficult to let go of. It may all seem nice and okay until you get addicted to it. Humanly speaking, even your eyes ought not to be exposed to such images all the time. Your whole mind will be preoccupied with such content which will ...

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Disappointed Man Narrates How Girlfriend Brought Her Side Guy To Spend Night In His Own House

Man Narrates How Girlfriend Brought Her Side Guy

The disappointed man has narrated how his girlfriend cheated on him by bringing another lover to his house. He said he left his apartment at the request of his girlfriend who said her father was coming to visit her. According to him, the lady said she had lied to her father that she stayed alone. She added that she would ...

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What My Client Did After Organizing Her Son’s 4th Birthday And None Of Invited Guests Appeared

A Client Organized Her Son’s 4th Birthday, But None Of Her Invited Guests Appeared

This client identified as Rachel comes to me, she was planning her son’s 4th birthday. She hired the biggest bouncy castle and actually paid for every activity on our kids entertainment list. I was happy because she paid her money in full. Come D’day and I wake up early set up the venue, do the decor, put up the bouncy ...

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Lira Punter Win Fortebet – Alex Muhangi Soccer Tour

Alex Muhangi Soccer Tour Lira Punter Win Fortebet

Many Lira Fortebet clients will for a long time remember last weekend after being thrilled by the Fortebet – Alex Muhangi soccer tour. The tour started with a give back to the community, specifically giving a number of home use items and food to Lira Babies’ Home. The items were handed over by the company brand ambassador, Alex Muhangi and the media ...

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9 Ways To Make Money Online If You Don’t Qualify For Personal Loan

9 Ways To Make Money Online If You Don't Qualify For Personal Loan

Do you need some cash? If you’re looking for ways to make money online but don’t qualify for a loan, don’t worry! There are still plenty of options available to you. In this article, you will find out nine different ways that you can use to make money online right away. From writing and design to tutoring and marketing, there’s ...

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