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Meet Odeta, The Disappointed UPDF Soldier!


Life is said to be the period between the birth and death of a living thing, especially a human being. It’s believed that during that time frame, it can push you to extreme ends when it decides to. If you’re weak, you will give up and indulge in destructive behaviour and if you’re strong, you will always try to meander ...

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After Suicide Attempt, Christine Was Sentenced To One Year In Prison!

woman christine attempted suicide

Christine was a very lively young woman, beautiful and smart in all aspects. Her life was full of happiness and her smile illuminated hearts wherever she went. She was considered the jewel of hope in her family until a very traumatizing experience changed everything about her. It was on the 24th of July, on an evening out to a busy ...

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Don’t Forget That You Are Human

Often times we seem to forget that we are human

Often times we seem to forget that we are human beings and we just throw ourselves in certain situations. I know most of us to have things written down either on paper or in our hearts that we say we can’t do. Isn’t it funny though that most times we are the ones who instead put ourselves in those very ...

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Every Child Ministries In Campaign For Children With Albinism


In an effort aimed at improving quality of life of children with albinism and their families in the country, Every Child Ministries Uganda (ECM)has launched a six months mind-set change campaign for people living with albinism. “In many African countries, children with albinism, or “albino” children, are often considered to be a curse.  at ECM, we understand that children with ...

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Maro To Continue With ”No Jigger” Campaign


Maro a Ugandan artiste who was recently on a tour in United States to perform for the Ugandans in different states such as Washington DC etc, together with Jose Chameleon the legend, which he says was successful in that he got connections through the legend to important people in the music industry. Check also: Bobi Wine Bought Me Two Motorcycles – ...

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