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U.S Approves River Blindness Drug Co-Developed By Ugandan Doctor

river blindness

The Ugandan Doctor by the names of Nyathirombo Amos is in celebrations about the scientific journey of six years World Health Organisation led analysis of a more effective River Blindness drug he co-developed. Check also: Here Are New Drugs And Therapies That Helps Us Live Longer The U.S Food and Drug Administration organization declared last Saturday that it has approved the ...

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Here Are New Drugs And Therapies That Helps Us Live Longer


On average,most Americans are reportedly dying soon, generally because of the country’s opioid epidemic, but several medical assistance and drugs are helping people with chronic diseases to live longer. Check also: TMS Health Solutions Truly Cares for Patients Venture capitalists and medical researchers told media that these treatments and drugs have extremely helped victims, or might change the overlook of medicine ...

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TMS Health Solutions Truly Cares for Patients

tms health

These days, researchers are learning more and more about what can cause mental disorders such as clinical depression. As they have found, there is often not just one reason that someone develops a mental illness. Likewise, there is often not just one way in which the mental illness should be treated. The team at TMS Health truly understands this, which ...

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How Communities Are Helping To Fight Ebola In DR.Congo


The relatives of the patients come to the Ebola treatment centre on Motorbikes and ride them to the churches to be prayed for by a big congregation of over 50 people, later one dies in the hospital and another dies at home. Check also: 25 Deadliest Diseases In Human History It’s sounds as if we’re watching a movie from Hollywood but ...

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The Cancer Machine Is Still Working –Government Insists

Government insists the cancer machine is working

Last week it was reported that the Cobalt-60 Radiotherapy machine for cancer treatment was not working hence leaving patients stranded. The government insists that the cancer machine is working. Check also: Breast Cancer More Hostile In Men Than Women However, the ministry of health has refuted the allegation claiming that the cancer machine is still not working. Director General Health Services,Dr. ...

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